A follow-up to TV’s 50 Sexiest Men of 2008, we compiled a list of another 50 sexy men we forgot but who BuddyTV users demanded to have on our list

TV’s 50 Sexiest Men of 2008, Part 2

At the end of 2008, BuddyTV put together our list of the 50 sexiest men on television. While this was well-received, BuddyTV fans were quick to point out some very obvious omissions from the list. We listened, and now we present an addendum to our list, featuring another 50 sexy men who we left out, but were not forgotten by the fans. These additional 50 represent who BuddyTV users said were the sexiest men we forgot about. Check out our original list of TV’s 50 Sexiest Men of 2008


#50 Gareth David-Lloyd, Torchwood

As Captain Jack’s boyfriend Ianto Jones, Gareth David-Lloyd is a prim and proper, buttoned-down guy who seems like he enjoys getting wild when the lights go out. We’d certainly enjoy some bangers and mash with this Brit any morning.


#49 Robin Dunne, Sanctuary

You may remember Robin Dunne from such classic straight-to-DVD sequels as The Skulls 2, American Psycho 2, and Cruel Intentions 2. Now he’s the sexy and slightly damaged scientist hunting down monsters in the Sci-Fi Channel’s revolutionary series Sanctuary.


#48 Christopher Meloni, Law and Order: SVU

Christopher Meloni is like a fine bottle of wine, he only gets better with age. While he was handsome when he started on Law & Order: SVU 10 years ago as Detective Elliot Stabler, a decade into the show Meloni isn’t just handsome any more, he is smoking hot. Sure Stabler has his anger issues and isn’t too clear on the Constitutional rights of suspects, but we would still let him slam us up against the wall of an interrogation room any day.


#47 Dule Hill, Psych

Though we first fell in love with Dule as the smart and devoted aide to President Bartlet on The West Wing, it’s his fun, wacky, tightly-wound best friend on Psych that makes him truly stand out as a sexy guy with a great sense of humor.


#46 Ed Quinn, Eureka

It was hard to like the gruff Nathan Stark on Eureka, but we couldn’t resist this bad boy who proved in his final episode that he was willing to sacrifice everything for the women he loved.


#45 Danny Pino, Cold Case

His cases may be cold but Danny Pino is smoldering hot as Detective Scotty Valens. This Cuban-American actor spices up the screen with his intense portrayal of the damaged Detective Valens on Cold Case. He may not be a warm and fuzzy character, but no one can deny that he is hot.


#44 Seth Gabel, Dirty Sexy Money

Seth Gabel is an adorable cad, the kind of guy who has probably always had women falling in love with him. At least that’s the kind of bravado he brought to Dirty Sexy Money as the spoiled Jeremy Darling, a guy who is so used to getting what he wants that women try to turn him down out of spite, but just can’t resist. He’s fun, flirty and, just like Belgian chocolate, impossible to resist no matter how bad we know he is for us.


#43 Jesse Spencer, House

We would definitely chase Australian-born House hottie Jesse Spencer. While his accent makes us swoon, it’s the fact that he looks just like Wesley from The Princess Bride’s doppelganger that gets us really excited. If given the chance, we would totally have Spencer whisper “as you wish” to us. If that didn’t work, we’d be happy to settle for some alone time in the hospital janitor’s closet.


#42 David Duchovny, Californication

On Showtime’s Californication, every woman who meets Hank Moody wants to have sex with him, and thanks to David Duchovny’s school boy charmand wicked sense of humor, it’s easy to see why.


#41 Matt Dallas, Kyle XY

The sexiest guy without a belly button, on the recently cancelled Kyle XY, Matt Dallas distinct voice and gorgeous face help to make every girl fall in love with this strange, intelligent genetically-engineered creation.


#40 Sendhil Ramamurthy, Heroes

Mohinder was never especially attractive, but when he injected himself with super strength, it’s as if Sendhil Ramamurthy finally turned on his cocky swagger and made us believe that his confidence could help get him any woman he wanted. It also revealed that for the first two seasons, he’d been hiding an amazing body under all those clothes.


#39 Jeremy Sisto, Law and Order

Breathing new life in Law and Order this season, Jeremy Sisto came on board and won over fans with his mysterious good looks and under-the-radar sense of humor. We first noticed him back on Six Feet Under, and while his psycho, incestuous character on that show wasn’t too appealing, we still thought he was sexy.


#38 Eric Szmanda, CSI

CSI’s Eric Szmanda is an unlikely sex symbol, but that doesn’t take away from his appeal. His goofiness and inherent boy-next-door adorableness helped his bit part of lab rat Greg Sanders become a major character and a full-fledged CSI. Whether he’s in a lab coat and googles or out in the field in his bullet-proof vest, Eric Szmanda is always looking fine.


#37 Misha Collins, Supernatural

It’s only appropriate that Misha Collins plays an angel on TV, because the things we’d like to do with him are downright Biblical. His strict demeanor and ever-prominent trench coat try to hide his sexiness, but we still remember him as the hot terrorist who seduced a member of Senator Palmer’s staff back in the first season of 24, so we know exactly how sexy he really is.


#36 Shemar Moore, Criminal Minds

It’s pretty easy to believe that before landing Criminal Minds, Shemar Moore was a male model and soap star. His incredible good looks help make this procedural anything but by-the-book.


#35 Justin Bruening, Knight Rider

Hot men and fast cars always go together, and for former soap hunk Justin Bruening, his role on Knight Rider is a natural fit. Whether he’s saving the day or getting the girl, he always looks hot, and that has nothing to do with his fancy car.


#34 Hugh Laurie, House

He may be a bastard, but at least he’s an awfully handsome bastard. Despite all the troubles of Dr. Gregory House–addiction, prostitutes, bad leg, workaholic, and the worst attitude ever–we’re still smitten. If we were given the chance, we’d do everything in our power to help House forget about that bad leg of his.


#33 Colin Ferguson, Eureka

It can’t be easy playing a relatively simple man in a town full of geniuses, but Colin Ferguson makes it work with his confidence and sense of humor to charm all the highly intelligent women in Eureka. It doesn’t hurt that he seems like a genuinely good guy who is very protective of the people he loves.


#32 Tahmoh Penikett, Battlestar Galactica

Over the course of the series, Helo has proven he’ll do whatever it takes to protect his Cylon wife, and Tahmoh Penikett was always stood tall in the background. He may not be the flashiest or sexiest man on the show, but that could just be because he rarely gets to be the star. Fans will see a lot more of him (figuratively and literally) in the new FOX drama Dollhouse.


#31 Benjamin Bratt, The Cleaner

We still love Detective Ray Curtis from Law and Order, but Benjamin Bratt has moved on, and he’s only gotten better with age. Now playing the dark yet noble lead role on A&E’s The Cleaner, Bratt is one of those timeless men who we’ll always come back to.


#30 Adrian Pasdar, Heroes

He can fly, and he can turn on those he loves to become a villain, but Adrian Pasdar remains sexy no matter how bad his character gets. His character’s ambition might be a turn-off, but Pasdar always keeps us coming back for more.


#29 Austin Nichols, One Tree Hill

A smarmy new character who is possibly trying to break up the romantic leads is usually the kind of character you love to hate, but on One Tree Hill, we simply love to love Austin Nichols. His unique voice and mannerisms and positively adorable attitude went a long way in making us all root for Julian to wind up with Brooke, even though all signs pointed to us hating the character.


#28 Damian Lewis, Life

With his odd love of Zen and different take on detective work, Damian Lewis’ performance is the primary component for the success of Life. This sexy Englishman confuses us with his wiliness and leaves us unable to resist.


#27 John Stamos, ER

He’s come a long way from Uncle Jesse, and now as ER’s resident hunk Tony Gates, John Stamos is reminded us nearly 20 years later why women go crazy for him and why Conan O’Brien hates him so much. He may no longer be with Rebecca Romijn, but her loss is our gain.


#26 Kyle Howard, My Boys

There’s a good chance that Kyle Howard is the cutest guy on TV. As a sports reporter on the TBS comedy My Boys, it’s easy to see why his friend and fellow sportswriter PJ (Jordana Spiro) fell in love with him. But don’t be fooled by his adorable dimples: Howard is all man and all sexy.


#25 Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Grey’s Anatomy

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is so hot that he transcends death. For real, if you are looking for someone to play the world’s hottest dead guy on your TV show, JDM seems to be the choice du jour. He plays Izzie’s ghost lover on Grey’s Anatomy, the beloved departed husband on Weeds, and devoted dead father of the Winchester brothers on Supernatural. While some people think it’s strange Izzie Stevens is having ghost sex with Denny, we think you can hardly blame the girl–a man this hot shouldn’t be kept from some loving by a little thing like mortality.


#24 George Eads, CSI

George Eads is totally the type of man you could take home to meet the parents. This square-jawed All-American man looks like he’d be comfortable tinkering in the garage with your dad, while his Southern charm would totally win over your mom. While he seems like the perfect person to bring home to the ‘rents, you might want to think twice about it–as all of his conquests on CSI seem to end up dead or gravely injured.


#23 Jonathan Rhys Meyers, The Tudors

Normally we think of King Henry VIII as a fat, gluttonous monster, but on Showtime’s The Tudors, that image has an extreme makeover with sexy British actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Whether he’s bedding a future wife, a chambermaid, or anyone else, we certainly feel that it’s good to be with the king.


#22 Skeet Ulrich, Jericho

Jericho may be gone, but the memories live on, and as the always determined Jake Green, Skeet Ulrich provided us with even more of his brooding good looks in the shortened final season that aired last spring.


#21 Joe Flanigan, Stargate Atlantis

A lot of people may not have watched Stargate Atlantis, but with the sexy Joe Flanigan in charge, we’re not sure why. Science fiction may not get a lot of respect from critics or awards shows, but when it comes to the men, sci-fi shows have a distinct advantage.


#20 Jamie Bamber, Battlestar Galactica

Bamber was always sexy as a top-notch Viper pilot, but now that he’s moved into politics, we’ve learned that Bamber looks even better in a real suit than he did in a jumpsuit (though still not as good as he did when he was in just a towel). While he only served as an interim president, we’d cast our ballots for Apollo any day of the week.


#19 Jonathan Togo, CSI: Miami

The Greg Sanders of CSI: Miami, Jonathan Togo and his character Ryan Wolfe prove that everything is hotter in Florida. As a patrol officer, Ryan Wolfe caught Horatio Caine’s eye at a crime scene. While Caine will contend that it was Wolfe’s attention to detail that got his attention, something else entirely got ours.


#18 Eddie Cahill, CSI: NY

Eddie Cahill is disarmingly handsome. He’s the type of man that women want to be with and men want to be. Cahill looks like he just stepped out of a fashion magazine, with a smile that would make orthodontists swoon, perfectly placed dimples, and picture-perfect blue eyes.


#17 Jason Momoa, Stargate Atlantis

The man with the wildest hair in the universe, Jason Momoa is hard to miss, even without his character’s signature dreadlocks. From his days as a lifeguard on Baywatch, we’ve certainly paid attention to him, and the hair simply made us love him that much more.


#16 Gary Dourdan, CSI

Eyes like Gary Dourdan’s only come around once in a great while and should be worshiped. Without his mysterious green-blue eyes Dourdan would still be handsome, but it’s the eyes that make him scorching hot. Dourdan could wear a burkha and he’d still be gorgeous.


#15 Eric Dane, Grey’s Anatomy

Eric Dane certainly deserves the nickname “McSteamy.” While he may only play a doctor on TV, this man is steamy 24-7. With his melt-your-heart smile and mischievous sparkle in his eye, Dane seduces as Dr. Mark Sloan. While he first seemed like an incurable womanizer, his genuine affection for BFF and occassional f-buddy Callie Torres warmed us to the softer side of Dr. Sloan. A sexy bad boy, a man who knows how to fill out a pair of scrubs, and a good friend–is there anything hotter?


#14 Christian Kane, Leverage

If we were asked to name the sexiest long blonde-haired Southern con man on TV, Christian Kane’s character on Leverage would come a close second to Sawyer. It may still be a new show on TNT, but we’ve seen all we need to in order to realize we’re addicted to Kane.


#13 Michael Weatherly, NCIS

Before signing up as the gorgeous womanizer on NCIS, Michael Weatherly heated up TV screens as Jessica Alba’s love interest on Dark Angel. Most guys would say he was one lucky dude, but we believe it was Alba who was the lucky one.


#12 John Barrowman, Torchwood

As the bisexual Captain Jack on Torchwood, John Barrowman is sexy whether you’re a man or a woman. With his dashing, matinee idol good looks, Barrowman, much like his character, could easily have any person he wanted.


#11 Michael Rosenbaum, Smallville

During his days on Smallville, Michael Rosenbaum helped make bald beautiful for a whole new generation. While most guys are known for their gorgeous head of hair, it’s Rosenbaum’s devilish smile that made us root for the bad guy every week.


#10 Adam Rodriguez, CSI: Miami

Aye, papi! As Eric Delko on CSI: Miami Adam Rodriguez takes caliente to a whole new level. Despite carrrying a badge and a gun for a living, Delko is a sensitive soul who cares deeply for his family and co-workers. When Delko gazes adoringly at Calleigh, you can’t help but wish it was you bathing in the glow of his brown eyes. Spicy, sensitive and smart Adam Rodriguez is the whole enchilada when it comes to hot.


#9 Carmine Giovinazzo, CSI: NY

Carmine Giovinazzo and the character he plays on CSI: NY is the type of bad-boy gone good that drives women wild. He’s brooding and troubled, but also seems to have a sensitive side. Though he has all the traits of a player–easy smile, charming talker, and multiple girlfriends–even the most sensible women (ahem, Lindsay) can’t help but fall for him. And we can’t blame them.


#8 Simon Baker, The Mentalist

This Australian stud may not be a household name yet, but he’s certainly a household face on the top-rated new series The Mentalist. On the show, his character can tell what people are thinking just by observing them, but it wouldn’t take a mind reader for him to know what we think of him.


#7 Patrick Dempsey, Grey’s Anatomy

The hair! The voice! The well groomed-stubble! Is there anything that isn’t hot about Patrick Dempsey? Short Answer: No. Long Answer: Absolutely not.


#6 Zachary Levi, Chuck

Whoever says nerds aren’t sexy clearly isn’t watching Chuck. As the goofy, socially inept super spy, Zachary Levi has redefined the TV nerd into a slightly geeky guy who can be smooth, funny, and win over any woman he wants.


#5 Dominic Purcell, Prison Break

As the older, more emotional brother, Dominic Purcell adds depth and passion to Prison Break. He may not have the steely, piercing eyes and face of Wentworth Miller, but Purcell has plenty to offer on his own.


#4 Alex O’Loughlin, Moonlight

True Blood and Twilight may have reignited viewers’ passions for vampires, but one year ago, it was still vampire detective Mick St. John who made female viewers beg to be bitten. While Alex O’Loughlin has yet to find a new regular gig, it’s hard to believe this brooding heartthrob will stay out of work for long.


#3 Ed Westwick, Gossip Girl

We’d certainly feel dirty the day after a night of debaucherous lovemaking with Gossip Girl’s resident casanova, but we wouldn’t care. As the magnificent Chuck Bass, Ed Westwick has quickly become the unlikeliest of sex symbols. On a show with pretty boys like Chace Crawford, who would’ve guessed it would be Westwick that makes the women’s hearts melt?


#2 Tom Welling, Smallville

In his eighth season, TV’s newest Man of Steel is still every bit as gorgeous as the first time we laid eyes on him. Welling has matured a lot throughout the years, but now that he’s truly a man, we think it’s about time the show brought on the tights.


#1 Josh Holloway, Lost

We’d let this Southern charmer con us any day of the week. From his hair to his incredible tan, Josh Holloway is near perfect and while Kate may be inclined to go for the doctor, that simply leaves more of his bad boy for us.


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