Date Of Birth

August 25, 1977


American actor Jonathan Togo was born on August 25, 1977 in Rockland, Massachusetts. After being a wrestler while in high school, he attended Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York, where he graduated with a degree in theater. He took further training at the National Theater Institute of the Eugene O’Neill Theater in Waterford, Connecticut.

After appearing in numerous theater productions, Togo made his television debut in 2000, when he was given a starring role in the short-lived science fiction series Special Unit 2. His character is a namesake of his—Jonathan, the lab biologist who analyzes evidence of “link” (monsters in folklore and mythology) existence and creates numerous contraptions to further their capture. He has also played guest roles in shows like Judging Amy, Ed and Law & Order, and appeared in films like Up and Raccoon.

However, Togo is best known for his role as Ryan Wolfe in the crime drama CSI: Miami. He succeeded Tim Speedle (Rory Cochrane), whose carelessness with his own weapon led to his death in the third season of the show. In contrast to his predecessor, Wolfe is very attentive to detail, and is very devoted to taking care of his weapon. He is also a very ambitious police officer: very much driven to succeed, and bent on impressing his superiors.

Place of Birth

Rockland, Massachusetts, USA

Birth Name

Jonathan Frederick Togo



Fun Facts

-Jonathan plays a saxophone and guitar and played in a punk rock/ska band called Skabba The Hut while at college.

-Jonathan has a tattoo on his right shoulder of a clown waving a wand while riding a bee, which is an image from the joker found in older decks of playing cards.

-He attended Hebrew school as a child.

-Togo has performed and participated in numerous plays, including Our Country’s Good. While he is most famous for his role as Ryan Wolfe in CSI: Miami, he has other TV show credits under his belt including a starring role in Special Unit 2, as well as appearances in Judging Amy and he also plays a store clerk in Mystic River.


2004-2010: CSI: Miami (TV series) – Ryan Wolfe
2006: Raccoon (short)
2004: The Jury (TV series) – Dennis Dudley
2003: Ed (TV series) – Keith Kessler
2003: Law & Order (TV series) – Eddie
2003: Mystic River – Pete
2003: Judging Amy (TV series) – Charles ‘DJ Dizz’ Simbour
2002: Up (short)
2001-2002: Special Unit 2 (TV series) – Jonathan/Johnathan/Sean Radmon




5′ 11″ (1.80 M)


-Music is a hobby and a stress reliever but it was never a really serious endeavor for me like acting was.

-People say when the right job for you comes you’ll know it. All indications point to this one as the one.

(telling how he first discover CSI)
-Here’s the funny thing-my girlfriend is obsessed with all of the CSIs. So I started watching and started getting into it. So to be a fan of it and then to be on it is a quick, really crazy jump.

(talking about his apprehension of dead bodies or things in general)
-It made me nauseous. Now that I’m faced with it, the idea of actually seeing a dead body is daunting.