In a shocking turn of events on last night’s finale of A Double Shot At Love, Vikki was the Ikki Twin to find love with mellow surfer boy Trevor.

Last week, we sat down and talked with Vikki about what it’s like to watch your boyfriend proclaim his love for your twin sister on national television and what’s next for she and Trevor.

So, were you shocked by the outcome, how it turned out? Were you expecting things to go differently?

Oh yeah, I was expecting it to go differently for sure. I always said during the show, you can’t be confident when you’re falling in love. When you’re in love you can be confident, but when you are falling in love you can’t. And Rikki was always so confident with her connections with everyone and I was so insecure with my connections. So I think even if Trevor had said to me ‘I love you, I want to marry you, I want to be with you the rest of my life’–but he hadn’t picked me yet–I wouldn’t have believed it. Because I was so insecure with my connection with him and with Rebekah. It was really weird to because Rebekah and Rikki were at the One Shot Too Many, saying like “we were so confident with our connections, we don’t understand how this happened.” And then me and Trevor during our time were like “we were both so not confident.”

Rikki said you had to leave the room when Trevor said I love you to her, is that a little awkward after wards? Is it something you’ve talked about.

Yeah it is really awkward now. I knew there was a part that was coming up when he said that he loved her and I really didn’t want to see how that went down. And I really don’t think I will watch the finale, maybe like the very last part when he picks me — I’ll watch that part. When you’re in love with somebody and when it comes to me and him I really got to just stop dwelling on the past. And that’s in the past. He doesn’t love her anymore, he loves me. It’s in the past, but reliving it is just bad.

Yeah, I just want it to be over. Especially now that we can actually be together, I don’t want to start off the relationship being bitter. Because even just for what we filmed yesterday (One Shot Too Many) I really just wanted to never talk to him again. It was like the hardest thing I had to do, to sit there and listen to him talk about how he loved Rikki and she didn’t say it back. And if she would have said it back, maybe things would have been different. And I’m just sitting there like, “What?”

It’s probably best not to dwell on those things at the start of a new relationship, but it must be incredibly hard.

Yeah, I’m just really excited for the whole thing to be done. And to go out with Rikki and Trevor and get a couple of beers and talk about now and the future and all that stuff. And not talk about the show and just really get back to that place where it was all care-free and fun.

So, what’s next for you and Trevor?

Well, he just moved to California yesterday, so that’s cool. I’m probably moving to LA next month and he’s going to be in Hermosa Beach, so we’ll be pretty close to each other. I just really want to try and spend as much time with him and Rikki, to try and get that relationship better. Because, you know it’s impossible for me to date somebody that’s not getting along with my sister. And I’m sure they will. Rikki just has to, well both of them kind of just have to get over it. And it’ll be easy once we get a couple beers in them, to make them get over it. I’m just really looking forward to us being a fabulous threesome and me and Trevor trying to find Rikki somebody that she can love too. But of course, who is compatible with me and Trevor.

At least you both hopefully get to have some good input in that and some good advice now that you’ve gone through this whole thing together.

Yeah Trevor can be like “When I loved Rikki…”

Oh God “Let me tell you about that…” Yeah, maybe none of that.


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