If anything, says Shannon Bair, her experience with The Bachelor and limited time with Jason Mesnick made her realize how much she missed her ex-boyfriend of five years.

“We are back together and stronger and happier than ever!” says Bair, who was eliminated during the fourth week of competition on the January 26 episode.  “I followed my heart and realized I had left it back in Kansas City.”

Other than living in the mansion, the food, and the limo rides, Bair adds that her favorite experience on The Bachelor is, believe it or not, the friendships she has made with the 24 other girls.  This is despite the many an unkind comments that have circulated online about her.

“I know some girls might think I’m crazy, but I made friendships with all of the women. We are all very close, and I know our friendships will last a lifetime!”

In the end, however, Bair believes that the experience was worth it.

“It made me believe anything is possible! Even though one person ‘wins’ the guy, I feel like me and the other girls are all winners to have chosen for the show.”

– Glenn Paul Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Marshall News
(Image courtesy of Marshall News)

Glenn Diaz

Staff Writer, BuddyTV