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11 TV Characters Who Put the Pro in Procrastination

Jobs, work, responsibility — these are all unavoidable struggles every person has to face throughout their lifetime. Well...almost everyone. As we're all aware, TV characters in general tend not to give an accurate representation of an average work week (like hanging out all day in a coffee shop with friends while never failing to make rent). However, there are a select few who go above and beyond the call of laziness. Those who are profoundly skilled at avoiding work at all costs. They are the ultimate pros of procrastination. In fact, it's doubtful they'd even be able to write this paragraph without finding some excuse to stop wri...(get it?) Check out our list below and see for yourself!
By Kelly Schremph on Tuesday, October 22, 2013
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Talk About 11 TV Characters Who Put the Pro in Procrastination

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