Imagine being dropped into the wilderness for a 21-day survival challenge with a complete stranger — and completely naked. Sounds difficult and a bit scandalous, right? Well, that’s the basic synopsis of the Discovery Channel’s extreme survival show “Naked and Afraid.”

Unlike other reality shows, things get serious fast for “Naked and Afraid” contestants, as they lack even the most basic survival necessities right from the start. Despite criticism from veteran survivalists and a few past contestants, the show has been a hit with viewers since 2013. 

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This year saw the release of a new season, which starts with a bang in Chiapas, Mexico — a location that’s proven impossible to endure for the full duration of the challenge in past seasons. Keep reading to learn more about season 14 and all the latest news about the show, including where you can watch “Naked and Afraid” episodes today.

What’s the Concept of “Naked and Afraid”?

Three weeks, two strangers, one helpful item, and zero clothes — Discovery’s “Naked and Afraid” takes the concept of survival TV shows to a whole new level. In this reality TV series, narrated by Michael Brown, novice and experienced survivalists test their survival skills in some of the world’s harshest environments. The series also features shorter 14-day challenges in some locations. Contestants can leave the challenge when they feel they can no longer endure the trial.

Each “Naked and Afraid” episode chronicles the entire experience of a pair of strangers who have been isolated together in a challenging location. Viewers watch the dramatic dynamics between the couple and nature as they face physical, mental, and emotional struggles. The pair of survivors must build shelter and find food and water. Then, they have to meet the extraction team at a designated location on the last day of the challenge to win.

Are the Contestants Alone in “Naked and Afraid”?

“Naked and Afraid” typically features two contestants per episode, often one female and one male. Most viewers want to know just how isolated they are out there, as being alone might affect the capability of some to complete the challenge.

According to past interviews with the cast, producers, camerapeople, and medics frequently communicate with contestants so they’re never completely alone. A small daytime camera crew follows survivors each day of their journey. The crew then leaves at night, but they camp within walking distance. 

Contestants are given a night vision camera in case they want to record anything after dark. They’re also allowed to signal for help with a provided whistle or radio if there’s an emergency.

Where Can You Watch “Naked and Afraid” Episodes?

“Naked and Afraid” aired for the first time on June 23, 2013, on the Discovery Channel, and it’s currently in its 14th season. The entire series can be streamed on Discovery+, Amazon, and iTunes, or watched live on Sunday nights on the Discovery Channel. Vudu, Google Play, and fuboTV also have 12 seasons of “Naked and Afraid” available. Seasons one and two can be streamed on Hulu.

Discovery also produced two additional shows related to “Naked and Afraid.” The intense spin-off show “Naked and Afraid XL” features a group of survival all-stars. Prior contestants from the original show band together to create their own society and struggle to find food, water, and shelter during a 60-day challenge. All seven seasons of “Naked and Afraid XL” are available on Discovery+. Episodes might also be available through your TV provider.

Naked and Afraid of Love” is a new reality dating series available to stream on the Discovery+ app. The show features single contestants who bare it all in a tropical island setting. Stripped down to their most primal level, eight men and eight women strive to survive and find true love at the same time. The first season of “Naked and Afraid of Love” has 12 episodes.

About the Cast of “Naked and Afraid” Season 14

The first episode of “Naked and Afraid” season 14 aired on February 27, 2022. Cast members are everyday people with varying outdoor survival experience and skills. Each contestant is given a survival rating at the beginning and end of the show to mark their starting point and see whether they’ve improved. 

This season has 10 episodes and a diverse cast of characters. Here’s who we’ve met so far.

“Curse of the Chiapas”

Football coach Jeremy Rowe and midwife Shanika Malcolm try to break the curse of the unendurable location of Chiapas, Mexico.

“Haunted and Hungry”

Former Marine sniper Zach Benton and Mississippi mom Ann Alford attempt to survive a swamp in Colombia.

“Fallen Farmer”

Transgender American veteran Terra and farmer Shaun Harvey from South Africa undertake survival in the deadly bush of Zambia.

Naked and Afraid - Fallen Farmer

“Sibling Survival”

South African Warrick Harvey pairs up in Zambia with endurance athlete Kat Sibley from Louisiana.

“Night Stalkers”

Wilderness guide Elijah Strongheart and software engineer Monica Heim, who’s been diagnosed with Asperger’s, team up in the Botswana desert.

Naked and Afraid - Night Stalkers

“Next Gen Survival”

Julia Bulinsky and Waylon Harper, the young adult kids of two “Naked and Afraid” veteran survivalists, take on a dense Mexican rainforest.

Naked and Afraid - Next Gen Survival

More cute photos of Julia Bulinsky (and her nude behind) can be seen below.

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“Valley of the Leopards”

Fan survivalist Matthew Garland and environmentalist Kerra Bennett face a challenging location in Zambia.

Naked and Afraid - Valley of the Leopards

“Opposites Don’t Attract”

Hard-headed homesteader Nathan and wilderness EMT Molly clash in a coastal Colombian jungle.

Naked and Afraid - Opposites Don't Attract

What Happened in Season 14 of “Naked and Afraid”?

Season 14 has been one of the most diversely cast seasons of “Naked and Afraid.” Shanika Malcolm, from episode one, made show history as the first African American female to finish the 21-day challenge. She was also the first “Naked and Afraid” contestant to finish in Chiapas, Mexico, even after her fellow cast member tapped out early.

A contestant in episode three also made “Naked and Afraid” history. Terra was the show’s first transgender woman to participate in the survival challenge. Despite worrying about how her partner would react to her unique body, Terra was readily accepted by fellow cast member Shaun.

The pair worked well together until day three when Harvey suffered a bad concussion when he fainted and hit his head on a rock. He was removed from the show due to medical reasons, and Terra went on to successfully complete the rest of the challenge on her own in Zambia.

What’s the Release Date for “Naked and Afraid” Season 15?

The release date for season 15 of “Naked and Afraid” is currently unknown. The show will likely be renewed for another season given its popularity among loyal viewers. The locations for the next season have yet to be determined; some will likely be new, while others will be more familiar to fans. The show’s home bases are Louisiana, Florida, and Alabama, but we’ve also seen contestants in far-off places like Panama, Nicaragua, Malaysia, and Africa.

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From the bayous of Louisiana to the Alaskan frontier, the reality TV series “Naked and Afraid” takes contestants and viewers on adventures around the world. If “Naked and Afraid” is one of your favorite shows, you might also like “Alone” from the History Channel or “You vs. Wild” with Bear Grylls. Available on Netflix, Grylls’s show allows viewers to become active participants in his survival challenge as they choose what he should do next during the episode.

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