Are you looking to watch one of the best romantic drama movies? The “After” film series movies are the one for you! The series is based on the 2014 novel of the same name by Anna Todd and have been a massive hit with fans worldwide.

The “After” film series follows the lead characters, Tessa Young, played by Josephine Langford, an intellectual and innocent student, and Hardin Scott, played by Hero Fiennes Tiffin, who is rebellious. They find themselves in a passionate relationship that is also tumultuous. The After movie series explores what it takes to keep the fire alive in a relationship.

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The first film, “After,” was released in 2019, and the final film in the series, “After Ever Happy,” is released this year in September. The films were not only hit among the fans but were also praised by critics.

If you are looking for a film sequel that is romantic, drama-filled, and will leave you wanting more, then the After franchise is the one for you!

So, without wasting time, let’s dive in and check out the list of After movies in order!

After Movies in Order of Release Date

  • After (2019)
  • After We Collided ( 2020)
  • After We Fall (2021)
  • After Ever Happy (2022)

After (2019)

It is a romantic drama film directed by Jenny Gage and written by Gage, Susan McMartin, and Tamara Chestna, based on the 2014 novel of the same name by Anna Todd. This is the first movie in the “After” film series and includes Josephine Langford, Hero Fiennes Tiffin, Dylan Sprouse, and Shane Paul McGhie.

It’s a 2019 release; the tale follows an inexperienced high school student Tessa Young who begins dating a mysterious college youngster Hardin Scott, during her first months of university.

Despite her friends’ warnings, Tessa disregards them and goes on with Hardin’s seemingly perfect dating life. Hardin’s friends are always telling her that he is no good.

Despite initially resisting, Hardin confesses to Tessa, under the strain of his friends, that he has been challenged to make her fall in love with him so he can break her heart in the end.

Realizing that she was living a lie regarding her relationship with Hardin, Tessa grows increasingly aggrieved.

The film was a box office success, grossing over $69 million worldwide, and received mixed reviews from critics.

However, the film’s fanbase has grown exponentially, with many praising the chemistry between the two lead actors. Three more movies followed the film’s success in the series.

After We Collided ( 2020)

“After We, Collided” is the second Movie in the After movie in order of release date. It was released in 2020. This installment was directed by Roger Kumble and written by Anna Todd and Mario Celaya; the cast of the film includes Josephine Langford, Hero Fiennes Tiffin, Dylan Sprouse, and Shane Paul McGhie.

Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin reprise their roles as Tessa Young and Hardin Scott in this part of the After movie series.

“After We Collided” opens with Hardin dreaming of Tessa, only to wake up abruptly in his car.

He finds himself missing Tesse as she keeps on avoiding him and ignoring his texts.

Meanwhile, Tessa begins her first day as a Vance Publishing intern at Vance’s office. Things go south, though, after an uncomfortable meeting with her new coworker, Trevor Matthews.

To pique a potential investor’s interest, Tessa and her colleagues went out for drinks one night. However, things got heated once she had too many cocktails.

In her intoxicated stupor, Tessa phones Hardin and brags about how good things have gotten for her. They return to their hotel room where Trevor finds her soon after she calls him.

Although their reunion is calm at first, it doesn’t last long because Tessa has to deal with the mess of her work life and figure out how she feels about Hardin.

The film has a good story with a lot of emotional scenes. It’s a bit long, though, and could have some parts cut. With a budget of over $14 million, “After We, Collided” grossed $48 million worldwide.

After We Fall (2021)

The story follows the same characters, Tessa Young and Hardin Scott, trying to rebuild their relationship after a devastating argument.

“After We Fall” is the third movie of the “After” movie series and was released in January 2021. Castille Landon directed the film; It stars Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin.

Tessa and Hardin are now living happily together in “After We Fell,” but they remain deeply insecure about themselves. Tessa is offered a position with Vance Publishing at their Seattle headquarters.

Hardin is afraid that their relationship wouldn’t be able to survive the distance, and more problems arise when he wants to bring Tessa to London after they graduate.

Nonetheless, Tessa takes the chance to live in Seattle. Hardin becomes insanely jealous, especially since she’ll be in the same city as Trevor.

The story is interesting, but the film drags on for too long. It’s not as good as “After We Collided,” but it’s still worth watching.

After Ever Happy (2022)

This is the fourth and final after movies in order of the release date. Castille Landon directed the last romantic drama film, “After Ever Happy,” in this series.

The final part of the After movie series is also based on the novel by Anna Todd; the story follows Hardin discovering the secrets of his parent’s relationship and, more precisely, about his father.

Tessa is at her wit’s end, trying to save Hardin from his agony, but each time she tries, he sinks further into despair. When Hardin learns of his family’s shameful secret, he plunges into a pit of anguish from which he cannot escape. Tessa has had enough of attempting to rescue Hardin from his misery, only to discover that getting out is up to him alone.

Finally, when Tessa asks Hardin to free her from the relationship, Hardin gets devastated, and in an attempt to save their relationship, they break from one another. Hardin is furious at the suggestion, but he ultimately accepts it and goes off on his own to figure out what he truly wants in life. They can reignite their connection or repeat their prior mistakes as they cross paths with each other once more in the future.

The film is very emotional, and the ending is very satisfying. It’s a bit slow-paced, but overall, it’s a great film. So if you have watched the other three parts of the film, we suggest you watch this one too.

Here we are, with all the After movies in order, from the first to the last release. All the movies in the “After” series are known for their passionate and emotional love stories. The movies are based on the popular novel series by Anna. You’ll enjoy these films if you’re a fan of romance movies. Now, it’s your turn to watch all four of them, and let us know what you think!

We hope you enjoyed reading this.

FAQs about “After” Film Series Movies

Let’s examine some of the people’s most common questions about the “After” film franchise.

How many After movies are there?

There are four films in total released to date, as described in the above post; here are all the movies in chronological order: After (2019), After We Collided (2020), After We Fell (2021), and After Ever Happy (2022).

Are all After movies connected?

The After movie series is based on the book series by Anna Todd and follow the same characters. The story is about the love life of the two main characters and how they work through their ups and downs.

The films are connected in many terms, such as backdrop and character arcs, but they can also be watched as standalone movies.

Do I need to read the books to understand the movies?

No, you don’t need to read books to understand the movies. Instead, the films are based on books but are condensed versions focusing on the love story between the two main characters.

Which After movie is the best?

Depending on personal preferences, there is no clear consensus on the best Afte, but most people agree that “After Ever Happy” is the best of the series.

Is there a fifth film in the After movie series?

Yes, The fifth film in the “After” film series is “After Everything.” The film is still in production, and there is not much information about it yet. The release date is not announced either.

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