For some, treasure hunting is a way of life. In “Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch,” Duane Ollinger and his son Chad set out on a hunt for a vast fortune of Aztec gold believed to be on their ranch. 

If you’ve seen the History Channel’s “The Curse of Oak Island” — released in 2014 — you should have an idea of what to expect with “Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch” from The Discovery Channel. 

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This article will discuss interesting facts about the show, including its characters, where to stream, and more.

What Is “Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch” About?

“Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch” revolves around a 160-acre ranch somewhere in Utah’s Uintah Basin. After discovering an underground cavern system underneath the property, Duane Ollinger, the owner of Blind Frog Ranch, is determined to find the famous lost treasure thought to be hidden there. 

However, there are many strange occurrences in a place that locals believe is cursed to protect the treasure, and it’s making them very uncomfortable. The property is also located near another infamous property in Utah — the infamous Skinwalker Ranch — which is known for stories of paranormal activity, such as sightings of UFOs.

Duane and his son Chad are nonetheless determined to find a vast fortune of gold. However, treasure hunting isn’t something the Ollingers are experienced in. Besides not knowing exactly where the supposed treasure is, the ranch also has underwater caves and caverns that may not be entirely safe.

All of this makes for a thrilling and interesting series to watch. 

Where Can You Watch “Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch”? 

You can watch “Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch” on several streaming platforms, including:

  • Discovery+
  • fuboTV
  • YouTube TV
  • Sling TV
  • Philo

You can also stream the series by purchasing or renting episodes on Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play.

Who Are the Main Characters of “Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch”?

The TV series stars four characters: Duane Ollinger, his son Chad, Charlie Snider, and Eric Drummond. Let’s take a closer look at the background of each of these characters.

About Duane Ollinger 

Duane Ollinger is an American reality TV star from Utah. Prior to starring in “Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch,” Duane was a successful businessman. He built an oil contracting company based in Amarillo, Texas, which he sold and invested the proceeds into his gold mining quest.

Duane is hellbent on unraveling the truth about his ranch and uncovering the treasure — otherwise, he might just have to sell the property. He intends to do this with the help of his son Chad, his friend Charlie Snider, and a geologist named Eric Drummond.

Duane Ollinger 

About Chad Ollinger 

Chad Ollinger, the son of Duane Ollinger, is an American reality TV star. Growing up, Chad used to compete in wrestling, a profession he would later give up to become a full-time traveler.

Besides traveling, Chad has a family. He is married to Haley Ollinger and together they have four kids. The Ollinger couple first appeared as participants in “Family Feud,” an American TV game show, in 2018.

Like his father, Chad also sold his family home and his crop-dusting business so he could support the funding of the treasure hunt.

Chad Ollinger

About Charlie Snider 

Charlie Snider worked as a sheriff’s deputy officer in the Ozarks for more than 20 years. Based on his experience, he was appointed as the head of security and investigation at Blind Frog Ranch and has been on the gold-finding quest with Duane Ollinger since day one.

He is married and has two daughters.

Charlie Snider

About Eric Drummond 

Eric Drummond is a world-renowned geologist, popular for several wildcat discoveries around the world. From discovering a mountain in Greenland full of rubies to finding diamonds at an active volcano, Eric loves going after the unusual. 

Eric was featured in “Ice Cold Gold” in 2013, a TV show by Animal Planet. He has worked in recent times as a consultant in the fields of engineering geology, mineral exploration, and hydrogeology. 

Duane certainly needed some expert help getting into the underground cavern, which is why he enlisted the services of Eric.

Eric Drummond 

How Many “Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch” Seasons and Episodes Are There?

There are just two seasons of the reality TV show so far. The first season premiered on Jan. 1, 2021, and had six episodes that aired between Jan. 1 and Feb. 5.

At the end of season one, Duane Ollinger and his team still hadn’t found a safe route into the underground cave where they believe the fortune gold was buried. And since it was winter already, the team had to go on break. 

Season two premiered on Jan. 7, 2022. With the long winter season over, Duane Ollinger and his team return to the ranch to continue their search for the treasure. As of this writing, though, the season is still continuing. 

The first few episodes find the team finally succeeding in pulling out some of the contents of the box found during season 1. However, what they have is just radioactive rocks — no sign of gold yet. Furthermore, it seems Duane and his crew aren’t alone in their hunt for this treasure, as they discover a remotely operated surveillance camera at the worksite. This suggests that they’re being watched by someone else on the same hunt. 

Who will get to the treasure first? Will it be Duane and his team, or will they be beaten to it by intruders? Only time will tell.

Will There Be a Season 3 of “Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch”? 

The adventure is on, and it’s not certain yet whether Duane and his team will find the mystery gold before the end of the second season. 

If they do, there may not be a season three. If they don’t, it’s left to be seen whether the search will continue or they’ll just conclude there isn’t any gold at all on the ranch.

We expect that this question will have a definite answer in the weeks ahead. In the meantime, we’re enjoying the search!

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