With its eighth season under its belt, “Naked and Afraid XL” is a widely popular series on the Discovery channel. The show is a new generation of extreme survival. It features the best of the best former “Naked and Afraid” survivalists undertaking some of the most brutal environments for 40 or 60 days and nights. So, sit back, grab your fire starter, protein source, and machete, and catch up on what’s happening in season eight. 

Scary Encounter with a Scorpion! | Naked and Afraid XL

What’s “Naked and Afraid XL” About?

“Naked and Afraid XL” is what fans expect from the “Naked and Afraid” series on steroids. With four groups of three men and women, extreme adventurists take their elite skills to the next level in some of the world’s harshest environmental missions. With its first season starting in Columbia to the unbridled landscape of the Rocky Mountains of Montana in “Naked and Afraid XL: Frozen,” and, most recently, the unforgiving jungle of the Amazon, the 12 all-star survivalists face the relentless environmental dangers around each corner. 

Armed with primitive tools and a map, the contestants face extreme climates with soaring daytime temperatures and frigid nights. Fire and shelter are priorities when wanting to avoid hypothermia, with finding food and water coming in at a strong second. These elite survivalists accept a 40 or 60-day challenge and must work together as a team to survive the harsh environment.  

Where Can You Watch “Naked and Afraid XL?”

Fans and newcomers alike can enjoy “Naked and Afraid XL” on live TV or stream from the comfort of their own homes. The TV series airs live each week on the Discovery Channel TV network. 

Naked and Afraid XL, Season 9
  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)

No cable? No worries! You can find the Discovery Channel on many streaming services, such as YouTube TV or Amazon Prime Video. Watch now or save in your watchlist for later and take a journey of danger from the safety of your home. 

What Happened in Season 8 of “Naked and Afraid XL?”

Overcome with confidence and enthusiasm, the 12 contestants of “Naked and Afraid XL” season eight arrived in the Peruvian jungle of the Amazon, ready for the ruthless missions and challenges ahead. Veteran “Naked and Afraid” survivalists anticipated the rigor of the 60-day challenge and mentored the new generation in launching their 40-day mission. 

Within the first four days, survival status plummeted as contestants voluntarily tapped out or were medically evacuated, leaving their team vulnerable to the high stakes of the Amazonian jungle. Poisonous plants and a gathering swarm of biting insects proved big trouble, testing veteran survivalists and ultimately sending them home. 

In the days ahead, the relentless Peruvian jungle continues its wrath on the XL season survivalists. When all they can think of is their next meal, the contestants search for food to lift their mood and energy level, with veteran survivalist Steven falling prey to a gut-wrenching bacteria. He overcomes the illness, but tensions between camp survivalists climb, and two more contestants go home. 

With six survivalists remaining, help arrives as three new elite survivalists join the challenge. The new arrivals can bring some much-needed gusto to the Amazonian jungle. In a legendary fail, camps disbanded from rising tensions; a survivalist went solo while others formed new alliances.  

As extraction day nears, old alliances cross paths, and tensions flare. At the same time, the other survivalists scramble for their next meal and shelter. As the veteran survivalists bypass day 50 and are well on their way to completing the challenge, they must overcome a threatening storm, a swarm of bees, and a near escape with an accidental knife injury as they near the day 60 extraction point. 

About the Contestants of “Naked and Afraid XL” Season 8

The veteran and new generation of men and women survivalists of “Naked and Afraid XL” season eight take it to the next level in an epic journey across the Peruvian rainforest. The contestants of this brutal challenge include:

Naked and Afraid XL Season 8 Cast

  • Trish Bulinsky: A no-nonsense survivalist, Trish previously completed “Naked and Afraid” in Columbia and reached her 40-day extraction point. 
  • Jamie Frizzell: From Scotland, Jamie won attention with his “Naked and Afraid” challenge in the South African Savannah. A newcomer to the XL challenge, he tapped out on day two after insects ravaged his body.  
  • Lisa Hagen: With her first challenge surviving an island in Bermuda and recognized by her blonde dreads, Lisa, consumed with tortuous insect bites, tapped out with her camp partner on day four of the challenge.  
  • Waz Addy: An elite survivalist in the XL series, Waz Addy was a previous contestant in Frozen taking place in Montana among some of North America’s most dangerous predators, and he reached the Peruvian extraction point in the 60- day challenge. 
  • Rod Biggs: Of “Naked and Afraid Africa and XL Frozen” fame, Rob Biggs knows the challenge of bearing it all. Unfortunately, because of extenuating circumstances around his health, Biggs was medically evacuated on day seven.
  • Gary Golding: No stranger to the “Naked and Afraid” franchise, this ex-military survivalist is the self-proclaimed Tarzan of Los Angeles and is known for his humor and strength. Unfortunately, poisonous tree sap got the best of him, and Golding was medically extracted on day two. 
  • Kaila Cumings: A custom knife maker and yoga instructor, Kayla brings primitive experience to every challenge but, unfortunately, made the personal choice and tapped out on day six of season eight. 
  • Steven Lee Hall, Jr: The King of the Forest has made many appearances on “Naked and Afraid” and completed the 60-day challenge despite his teammates’ premature departure. 
  • Matt Wright: A seasoned “Naked and Afraid XL” survivalist, Matt Wright is savage and a custom knife maker in Florida. Wright entered the Peruvian challenge on day 21 and made it to extraction on day 60. 
  • Amber Hargrove: An army veteran and a five-season “Naked and Afraid” survivalist, Amber endured a solo stint before joining a new alliance in the Amazon and completed the 60-day challenge. 
  • Tim Phillips: A raw fur dealer and thrill-seeking adventurer, Tim bared it all in Naked and Afraid South Africa, but the Amazon proved too much for the Ohio native, and he tapped out on day four. 
  • Dan Link: Marine biologist by profession, Dan Link completed his 40-day challenge goal and extended his stay in the Peruvian jungle, and completed the 60-day challenge. 
  • Jeff Zausch: Another late entry into season eight, Jeff Zausch may be best known for completing a 60-day challenge with a 105-degree fever in the Philippines. Hospitalized on his return home and treated for meningitis, Zausch’s challenge stopped short in the Amazon when he tapped out on day four. 
  • Jen Taylor: A graphic designer by profession, Jen Taylor brings a warm smile and positive attitude to the Amazon jungle. Although Jen had a rough go after her first meal in the jungle, she completed the 40-day challenge. 
  • EJ Snyder: As a late joiner in the challenge, EJ Snyder is a highly decorated Army veteran and six-time “Naked and Afraid” contestant. As a touted extreme survivalist, EJ completed the season eight 60-day challenge. 

Will “Naked and Afraid XL” Have a Season 9?

When is the premiere of “Naked and Afraid XL” season nine? The Discovery Channel premiered the new season of “Naked and Afraid XL” on July 21, 2022, with the following episodes being released so far.

  • S9 E1 – Rocky Road Ahead
  • S9 E2 – Stay with Me

Fans can also tune into previous seasons or catch other wildly popular TV shows and series from the Discovery Channel, such as “Shark Week,” or check out the “Naked and Afraid” spin-off show, “Naked and Afraid of Love.” 

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