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Born in Saratoga Springs, Utah, Zack moved to Arizona with his mother and three brothers at the age of seven, when his parents divorced while his father stayed in Arizona with his second wife and Zack's ten year old half brother. As Zack's mother was a hairdresser, she often did not have enough funds to support her children single-handedly. The family moved frequently, thus Zack went to ten different schools. Despite having Downs Syndrome, Matt, Zack's older brother, used to defend him against school bullies. His mother soon married a close family friend who served as a father figure in Zack's life.

A devout member of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Zack served a two year mission for the church in Ghana and Sierra Leone when he was 21 years old. Because of this experience, which he claims to be the most significant in his life, he learned a lot of lessons and consequently matured.

Both Zack's parents liked performing, and they used to sing together. His uncles were also musical theater performers who introduced him to the art of performance. At the age of 14, Zack took dance lessons and three years later, he moved to Florida with his cousin to form a boy band. After being sponsored by a rich parent of one of the group members, they made a record. However, Zack and his cousin decided to leave the band after they were made to depict themselves as sex symbols and use profanity in their songs.

Zack entered college to study nutritional science but took a year off to pursue the performing arts. However, if he does not succeed, he aims to eventually become a dentist. Zack describes himself as mature, sensitive, spiritual, confident and charismatic.

In talking about performing, Zack said, "Dancing is more of a release for me than anything else. It helps me clear my mind and relax. That's why I love it so much."

His favorite singing styles are pop and alternative and he enjoys outdoor activities such as cliff jumping, traveling, soccer, football, basketball, rock climbing, snorkeling, hiking, biking, and swimming.

Zack is one of 14 contestants in ABC's Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann, where he dances his way into Team Bruno.

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