Vogue Evolution



Vogue Evolution is one of nine crews that are part of the fourth season of MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew. Based in New York City, they consist of five openly gay men who dance to promote HIV/AIDS awareness. Originally meeting in drag queen pageants, they transitioned to perfecting their own style, which they call “vogue dancing”, and claim responsibility for “the cultural evolution in and out of the ballroom scene”.

24-year-old Dashaun “Dae Dae” Williams was inspired to dance after watching the Fly Girls perform.

26-year-old Devon “Pony Zion” Webster has his own dance studio, and is obsessed with choreographer LaurieAnn Gibson.

22-year-old Jorel “Prince” Ross started dancing after being inspired by karate, and hopes to become a model.

22-year-old Leonardo “Leiomy” Maldonado is currently undergoing a sexchange operation, and considers her relationship with herself the most important in her life.

28-year-old Malechi “Mally” Williams is a writer and avid biker.

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