Tom DeLay



Born on April 8, 1947 in Laredo, Texas, Tom DeLay is a politician best known for being a former Republican House Majority Leader at the House of Representatives from 2003 to 2005, with high profile legal problems forcing him to step down. He was elected to office in 1984, earning the nickname The Hammer for enforcing party discipline in close votes and dealing political retribution on opponents. Four years later, he was appointed Deputy Minority Whip and House Majority Whip in 1995 when he helped then speaker Newt Gingrich to lead the Republican Revolution. In 2002, he was elected House Majority Leader after the 2002 midterm elections, after which he completed the Republicans in the house to unite staunchly behind George W. Bush’s controversial stands on issues. In 2000, he sought to redistrict congressional districts in Texas to favor the election of more Republicans in the state. Three years later, Tom DeLay was involved in a legal battle, after a Texas grand jury indicted him on charges that he conspired to violate campaign finance laws during that period. He denied the charges and pled guilty, but was nonetheless forced to resign temporarily from being Majority Leader. To make matters worse, a few months before the decision, two of his former aides were convicted in the Jack Abramoff scandal. He tried to ran for re-election in 2006 and actually won the Republican primary election, but decided to opt out of the race citing he could lose the general election. After his political career, he launched a ghostwritten blog, then publishing No Retreat, No Surrender, One American’s Fight. In 2009, he was cast as one of the celebrities competing on the ninth season of Dancing with the Stars.

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