Terry Farrell


Date Of Birth

November 19, 1963


Born on November 19, 1963 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Terry Farrel is an actress and former fashion model best know for her role on the sci-fi television series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The daughter of Kay Carol Christine Bendickson and Edwin Francis Farrell, her mom eventually married David Grussendorf who adopted Farrell and her sister. Growing up, she played a Christmas elf at a local mall in Cedar Rapids. Meanwhile, she left her hometown for Mexico City as a foreign exchange student. The experience made Farrell enamored with big cities, so she submitted her image to the Elite modeling agency in New York City during her junior year in high school. Things worked for the six-feet-tall Farrell, as she was called on to New York shortly and she landed an exclusive contract with a magazine when she turned 16. Farrell focused on modeling for more than a year, yet after around eighteen months, she studied acting with Kate McGregor Stewart while she modeled on the side. She landed her first major roles on the short-lived series Paper Dolls in 1983 where she played a model, and alongside Rodney Dangerfield in the feature film Back to School. She continued her study of acting this time with Stella Adler, which resulted in guest roles in series such as Quantum Leap and The Cosby Show. The following year, Farrell bagged what would be her most recognizable role, as Jadzia Dax, the Starfleet science officer on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. She decided to leave the show after the end of its sixth season, which had Paramount Pictures having to kill off her character. This was followed by a comedy series also from Paramount’s television Becker, where she played tough local diner owner Reggie Kostas. In 2001, an asteroid was named in her honor by its Hong Kong-born Canadian discoverer.

Place of Birth

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Birth Name

Theresa Lee Farrell



Fun Facts

-One of her pasttimes is deep-sea fishing. On her first outing she caught 2 five-foot long wahoos.

-Terry watched the original Star Trek series as a child. She and one of her school-mates would even act out scenes together.

-Her grandmother once made her a stuffed tribble as a toy since Terry was such a fan of the original Star Trek.

-After visiting England for six months, Terry "fell in love" with the country.


-An asteroid discovered in 2001 was named for Terry by its discoverer, William Kwong Yu Yeung. It's called "26734 Terryfarrell"



Off the Wall


Paper Dolls


The Deliberate Stranger
Beverly Hills Madam
Back to School


Off the Mark


Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth


Danielle Steel's 'Star'


Star Trek: Deep Spave Nine






Deep Core


Crossing the Line


Code 11-14




(Talking about how she saw herself as her modeling career was starting)
-I wanted to be like Vivien Leigh in "Gone With the Wind". I wanted to have black hair, green eyes and break hearts.

(About "Becker" co-star Ted Danson)
-Danson is very funny and very attractive. Hell, if he wasn't married, I'd go out with him in a minute.

(Regarding her character of Jadzia Dax on Deep Space Nine and her departure from the show)
-I begged the producers not to kill me. They thought I was just being this neurotic little actress hoping to have a part to come back to, but I really meant it. I didn't want to see six great years end that way.

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