Tara and Laura



Former models and close friends Tara and Laura are one of eleven pairs competing in the second batch of The Biggest Loser: Couples.
Tara Costa, 23, is a finance manager based in New York, NY. She also came from a single parent home, where she learned to become feisty and independent. Friends describe her as being very charming yet frank at the same time. While working for a cosmetic company, she became a plus-size model, although she has always struggled with her weight throughout her life. Now, she is scared of possibly health problems that her weight may cause, and has taken this chance to finally lose some pounds.
Laura Denoux, 24, is a sales director currently based in Miami, FL. She is very sociable, and is fiercely independent. Being an only child with divorced parents certainly helped her take care of herself. Her father’s death when she was 15, however, devastated her; since then, her weight has become uncontrollable, and every diet she tried was unsuccessful. Shealso got work as a plus-size model while studying in college, but never vowed to eat healthily, thinking she’s a plus-size model anyway. Her clients, however, don’t want anyone beyond a size 14, and this is her only opportunity to get her life and her career back on track.
Tara and Laura form the Green Team, training under Jillian Michaels. They’re more than ready to use The Biggest Loser: Couples to fight back and lose the weight they have gained throughout their young lives. With their charisma and energy, they hope to hurdle past the obstacles and get back their lives for once.

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