Steve Markle



Aspiring stand-up comedian Steve Markle came straight from his hometown of Canada and off to Hollywood to follow his dreams. He has harbored a passion for the entertainment industry at a young age. When he was only ten years old, he became known for giving the daily weather report on the Toronto Radio Station Q107. Back then, he became known as “Steve the Rock & Roll Kid.” Upon arriving in Hollywood, Steve Markle spent some time residing at Tinseltown’s famous Highland Gardens Hotel. It was a popular home to aspiring talents of all kinds – from musicians to actors and artists. While there, he decided to film the experience filling up his two-month stay. Soon-to-be-popular figures graced his everyday life at the time, so he joined them in trying to make it big in the business. This spawned the documentary Camp Hollywood, which was released in 2004. His little project was showered with immense success on the festival circuit, and was even aired on national television. Markle also appeared in the documentary, working as a writer, producer, editor and director as well. The hour-long feature was marked by appearances by David Julian Hirsch, Brooke Nevin, Polly Shannon, Malin Akerman, Mark Margolis, Ryan Belleville and Saul Rubinek. Camp Hollywood won a Gemini Award for Best Performing Arts Program or Series or Arts Documentary Program or Series in 2005, and also garnered a nomination for the category Best Writing in a Documentary Program or Series. In 2008, Steve Markle opted to join the cast of the series Testees. Working alongside Jeff Kassel, he plays the role of the awkward and neurotic Peter. Airing on FX, the series focuses on the lives of two friends who are working as human test subjects for a product-testing facility named Testico. The comedy also stars Joe Pingue, Kim Schraner, and Kenny Hotz and it premiered in November on the network.

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