Shandi Sullivan


Date Of Birth

April 2, 1982


Shandi Sullivan was born on April 2, 1982 in Kansas City, Missouri. She used to be a Walgreens Pharmacy clerk, but left the job in order to pursue a modeling career in New York City. Her luck in the Big Apple was quite good, as she was able to balance working as a DJ and taking on small modeling jobs. Although she had a tough time growing up, having gotten involved with drugs and burglary, Shandi never gave up on her dreams and in 2003, she auditioned for America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 2.

As a Finalist on the second season of the show, Shandi’s warm and kind personality gained the approval of not just her fellow finalists, but the viewers as well. She started off as one of the weakest models in the bunch, but gradually worked her way up to the Top 3. Her popularity intensified when she passed out due to her low blood sugar level during the third week. She is not without mistakes, however, as she slept with an Italian boy during a photo shoot in Milan. Shandi came clean to her boyfriend about her infidelity, but the guilt and emotional burden were enough to spoil her performance, and on the tenth week, she was eliminated from the competition.

Since appearing on the show, Shandi reportedly has gone back to working as a DJ in New York.

(Photos courtesy of UPN/CW)

Place of Birth

Kansas City, Missouri

Birth Name

Shandi Dawn Sullivan



Fun Facts

- She lists The Kids in the Hall as her favorite show, while her favorite film is 1985's The Breakfast Club.



2004: America's Next Top Model (TV series) - Herself


The Great and Powerful Shandi
Evil Shandar


5' 10" (1.78 m)


"Be open to everyone and everything because you never know."

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