Ryan Conferido


Date Of Birth

June 13, 1983


Ryan Conferido is an Filipino American bboy who is best known for being a contestant on the first season of the television series "So You Think You Can Dance." He was raised in a strict religious household where dance was forbidden. He picked up bboying style on his own in high school. In 2005, though he had no formal training, he decided to audition for the first season of the Fox dance competition So You Think You Can Dance. His impressive self-taught breakdancing style earned him rave comments by judges, and he was passed through to the top 20 finalists for the actual competition. He proceeded through multiple rounds of eliminations, and was one of the last 16 dancers eliminated.

Conferido is currently teaching breakdance classes at LA Dance Center. Now with his crew, Quest Crew, with members, Dominic Sandoval, Ryan Feng, Brian Hirano, Hokuto Konishi, Steve Terada, Lydia Paek, Victor Kim, and Aris Paracuelles. Quest Crew is America's Best Dance Crew Season 3.

Place of Birth

Downey, California

Birth Name

Daniel Ryan Conferido








Ryan , 'Ryanimay'




"In Street Fighter 2, In Street Fighter 2, THE STREETS FIGHT YOU !"

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