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Roxy Collins from Las Vegas, Nevada describes herself as a Pisces, a scatterbrain and a dork all mixed into one. Having 14 piercings and two tattoos, she believes that argyles, bats, roller coasters and tattoos are "rad." The things that make her smile include eating spinach, listening to Fugazi and traveling. She has also learned how to embrace her self-proclaimed insanity by jumping off planes and off cliffs. She dislikes spicy food, abandoned sofas and feet. Roxy's other interests include music, circus freak shows, punk rock and AWOL.

Roxy became known as one of 20 hopefuls to win Bret Michaels' heart on VH1's second season of Rock of Love. Roxy made a great impression in episode 2's Dance-Off challenge, wherein the girls were asked to pick an old school dance move out of a bowl and perform it. Roxy picked funky chicken, which she completely nailed down. She was among three women who emerged victorious in that challenge and thus earned VIP passes and some alone time with Bret. However, Roxy did not use the VIP pass she earned. Eventually, Bret sent Roxy home at the end of episode 3, as he thought that she was not aggressive enough to be in the competition.

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