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Randy Sheckler became known as one of the members of the cast in the MTV reality television series Life of Ryan. He is the father of the Sheckler boys, and the ex-husband of Gretchen, whom he married back in 1988. As his three sons were growing up, he constantly videotaped them as they practiced new skateboarding moves in the backyard. He greatly enjoyed watching them trying to perfect various tricks, and was especially proud of Ryan as his son went pro and his career skyrocketed. In spite of his divorce with Gretchen after 18 years of marriage, he still makes an effort as a hands-on father to support Ryan and his brothers in their activities.

However, the awkwardness and tension between him and his ex-wife continues to be an issue, especially when they both watch Ryan during various events and competitions. It has been said that it will take the two of them some more time to adjust, and to treat each other naturally and cordially in the presence of their sons. But despite his marital woes, he still prides himself as a self-starter who’s in charge of several businesses at once. This flexibility allows him to keep being a hands-on father, and he has taught his sons to keep persevering when faced with adversity.

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2007-2008: Life of Ryan (TV series) - Himself

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