Rachelle Lefevre


Date Of Birth

February 1, 1979


Canadian actress Rachelle Lef?vre was born on February 1, 1979 in Montreal, Quebec. She took up creative arts at Dawson College, and subsequently took summer drama workshops at the Walnut Hill School in Natick, Massachusetts. She later took up degrees in education and literature at McGill University. She unsuccessfully auditioned for television roles, but eventually her persistence led to a slot in the Canadian series Big Wolf on Campus.

Lef?vre began appearing in films in 2000, although she first earned attention for her role in 2002’s Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. From here, her career picked up, more so when she decided to move to Los Angeles in 2004. She was particularly active on television, with roles in Undressed, Charmed, Life on a Stick, Four Kings, Veronica Mars, What About Brian, Boston Legal and Swingtown. Her films include The Big Thing, Noel and Twilight. She did not reprise her role for the third installment of the franchise and was instead replaced by Bryce Dallas Howard.

Lefevre moved on to do other projects, including the series The Deep End and the film Barney's Version. She has also appeared in Better Off Ted, The Pool Boys, and Casino Jack.

In 2011, Lefevre appeared on Off the Map and A Gifted Man. Later, she joined the cast of the TV series Under the Dome as Julia Shumway.

Place of Birth

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Birth Name

Rachelle Marie Lefevre



Fun Facts

-Similar to her character on Big Wolf on Campus, she left the project in 1999 to focus on school.

-She speaks French.


2010: Teen Choice Award - Choice Movie: Villain for The Twilight Saga: New Moon


2013: Under the Dome
2011: A Gifted Man
2011: Off the Map
2010: Barney's Version - Clara
2010: The Deep End (TV series) - Katie Campbell
2010: New Moon - Victoria
2009: Better Off Ted (TV series) - Rebecca
2009: Do You Know Me (TV movie) - Elsa Carter
2009: The Pool Boys - Laura
2008: Twilight - Victoria
2008: The Summit (TV series) - Leonie Adderly
2008: Eli Stone (TV series) - Candace Bonneville
2008: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (TV series) - Kumari
2008: Swingtown (TV series) - Melinda
2008: Life on Mars (TV) - Annie Cartwright
2008: Boston Legal (TV series) - Dana Strickland
2008: Prom Wars - Sabina
2007: CSI: NY (TV series) - Devon Maxford
2007: Fugitive Pieces - Naomi
2007: The Closer (TV series) - Michelle Morgan
2007: How I Met Your Mother (TV series) - Sarah
2007: Suffering Man's Charity - Elaine
2006-2007: What About Brian (TV series) - Heather
2006: The Class (TV series) - Sue
2006: Veronica Mars (TV series) - Marjorie
2006: Four Kings (TV series) - Lauren, Lobby girl
2005: Bones (TV series) - Amy Morton
2005: Pure - Julie
2005: The River King - Carlin Leander
2005: Life on a Stick (TV series) - Lily
2005: Pool Guys (TV) - Alana
2004: Noel - Holly
2004: Head in the Clouds (uncredited) - Alice
2004: Petits mythes urbains (TV series) - Receptionnist #1
2004: The Legend of Butch & Sundance (TV) - Etta Place
2004: The Big Thing - Sarah
2003: Picking Up & Dropping Off (TV) - Georgia
2003: Charmed (TV series) - Olivia Callaway
2003: Hatley High - Hyacinthe Marquez
2003: See Jane Date (TV) - Eloise
2003: Largo Winch (TV series) - Catarina
2003: Deception (V) - Denise
1999: Undressed (TV series) - Annie Isles
2002: Confessions of a Dangerous Mind - Tuvia, Age 25
2002: Galidor (TV series) - Tyreena
2002: Bliss (TV series) - Marnie
2002: Abandon - Eager Beaver
2001: Dead Awake - Randi Baum
2001: Life in the Balance - Kristy Carswell
2000: Stardom - Catherine
2000: The Hunger (TV series) - Smallpox Woman
1999: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (TV) - Katrina Van Tassle
1999: Big Wolf on Campus (TV series) - Stacey Hanson
1999: Undressed (TV series) - Annie Isles


5' 6"


"I always knew I'd be a performer, after falling in love with Madonna and dancing around the house to her songs, I found out early that I couldn't sing, however."

"For me letting someone go through my ipod is a very intimate act! You're so exposed, all your bad taste and guilty pleasures on display. Nikki just introduced me to Laura Marling who I am obsessed with and Kristen got David Bowie back in my rotation. I love Joni Mitchell and Tracy Chapman but I also rock out to Patti Griffin and the Dixie Chicks. Okay, I like to workout to Britney Spears. There I said it."

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