Phillip Burke



Actor Phillip Burke got his first role in 2005, when he played a cop on Hotties. He followed this up with more significant portrayals, such as those in Law & Order and the video Zombie Town. In 2007, he was seen on Day Zero and Gratuitous Violence. He was also seen as Joey Moroni in Ibid, before he worked on shorts like Doghouse, Mike and Lucy, and And the World Goes Round. Later, he appeared in Bad Apples and the series Mercy. He was next cast as series regular on AMC’s Hell on Wheels.




2011: Hell on Wheels (TV series) - Mickey
2010: Mercy (TV series) - Reverend Todd
2009: Bad Apples - Benji
2009: And the World Goes Round (short) - Jones
2008: Mike and Lucy (short) - Mike
2008: Doghouse (video short) - Sidney
2008: Ibid - Joey Moroni
2008: 100 Million BC (video) - Stubbs
2007: Gratuitous Violence - Carlton
2007: Day Zero - Second Gay Man
2007: Zombie Town (video) - Denton
2006: Law & Order (TV series) - Tadhg Ruane
2005: Hotties - Cop #1

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