Paul McGillion


Date Of Birth

5th January 1969


Vancouver-based actor Paul McGillion was born on January 5, 1969 in Paisley, Scotland. His family moved out of Scotland when he was two years old, and spent some time in Ireland before going to Canada. He has numerous TV stints under his belt, such as Smallville , The X-Files, The Twilight Zone and Stargate SG-1 . His film appearances are in The Replicant, The Crying Freeman and See Grace Fly. Aside from his acting, he also had a teaching job at the Vancouver Film School in 1988.

Dr. Carson Beckett is played by Paul McGillion on the Sci-Fi Channel series Stargate Atlantis. Beckett is the chief medical doctor of the Atlantis team.

Place of Birth

Paisly Scotland

Birth Name

Paul McGillion



Fun Facts

He's not a huge fan of Roller coasters

His favorite football team are the Dallas Cowboys.

Favorite Hockey team are the Montreal Canadians.

He was nominated for the 2004 Leo Award for Best Lead Male for his performance in See Grace Fly as Dominic Mckinley.

Played Dr.Ernest Littlefield in Stargate SG-1 who was the first person to go through the Stargate in episode "The Tourment Of Tantalus" Season 1.

He would love to work with Gary Oldman and Meryle Streep.

Paul loves animals and has 2 cats called Jez and Buddy.

His first choice of hot drink is tea with a biscuit to go along with it.

His favorite movie is True Romance.

In University he got involved in wrestling and became a freewrestling Champion.


Nominated for a Leo Award in 2004 for his performance as Dominic Mckinley in "See Grace Fly"

And also got nominated for a Leo Award in 2005 for best supporting performance as Carson beckett from Stargate Atlantis








"There are a lot of bad scripts out there, and unfortunately, you can't make chicken salad out of chicken !$#!#."

Speaking of his character, Carson Beckett, from the SciFi show Stargate Atlantis) "He's a great character. It's been a pleasure to play a Scottish character in a sci-fi series. It's nice to be able to portray a little bit of the heritage and hopefully do it justice. This is my first major role as a Scottish character. He's such a multi-dimensional character and they really fleshed him out thoroughly throughout the three years. I'm very happy about that."

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