Oswald and Danny


Date Of Birth

Danny Jimenez was born on January 9,1965

Oswald Mendez was born on May 1, 1970


The Amazing Race 2 Result: 4th Place

The Amazing Race 11
1st Leg: 2nd Place
2nd Leg: 2nd Place
3rd Leg: 5th Place
4th Leg: 1st Place
5th Leg: 4th Place
6th Leg: 2nd Place
7th Leg: 2nd Place
8th Leg: 1st Place with the Fast Forward (worked together with Uchenna and Joyce in the Intersection route marker)
9th Leg: 4th Place
10th Leg: 1st Place with the Fast Forward
11th Leg: 4th Place/Non-elimination leg (Use the Yield on Eric and Danielle)
12th Leg: 4th Place/Eliminated

Note: Oswald and Danny had been "marked for elimination;" however, since they already arrived in last place, they were eliminated without being issued the 30 minute penalty.

8th Team Eliminated - 4/29/2007

Oswald Mendez is the best friend of Danny. He has traveled extensively throughout Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Milan and Berlin.

Danny Jimenez met Oswald in 1994 and gradually became friends. They grew closer when Danny's life partner passed away. Aside from being good friends, Danny and Oswald are also travel buddies.

Oswald and Danny were the best friends known as "Team Cha Cha Cha" in the reality television show The Amazing Race season 2. They claim that their experience in the show brought them closer. They were eliminated on the 11th episode and ranked 4th place overall in the competition.

Oswald and Danny were invited to participate in The Amazing Race: All-Stars Edition, They were the 8th team eliminated in the 12th leg. That is the second time in the season that Oswald & Danny were finished in 4th Place.

(Photo courtesy of CBS)

Place of Birth

Both were born in Cuba.

Birth Name

Oswald Miguel Mendez
Danilo Jose Jimenez



Fun Facts





The Amazing Race, Season 2, 4th Place
The Amazing Race, Season 11, 4th Place


Ozzy and Danny
Team Cha Cha Cha


Oswald is 3cm taller than Danny
Danny is 5cm shorter than Oswald


I Told You Less Martinis And More Cardio – Oswald
We're Going To Trade You For Food Now – Oswald
If I Were In Town, I'd Ask For Your Number – Oswald
Oh My God, The Teletubbies Go To War – Oswald

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