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The Amazing Race 13
1st Leg: 1st Place
2nd Leg: 6th Place
3rd Leg: 6th Place
4th Leg: 5th Place
5th Leg: 1st Place
6th Leg: 1st Place
7th Leg: 1st Place
8th Leg: 1st Place with the Fast Forward
9th Leg: 3rd Place
10th Leg: 1st Place
Final Leg: WINNERS

Sibling team Nick and Starr Spangler is one of the 11 pairs participating in the 13th season of The Amazing Race. They hope that their driven and competitive nature will get them first on the finish line this time.

They may be siblings, but they are ultimately very competitive with each other. They consider each other best friends, but they were the worst of enemies in high school. Now Nick, 22, is a stage actor appearing in an off-Broadway play, while Starr, 21, was a cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys for the past three years.

The two hope to strengthen their relationship during the race, but are anxious that they might get on each others’ nerves as they haven’t been together for quite a while. Despite their differences—Nick thinks everything thoroughly, while Starr is more spontaneous and leaves everything to fate—they hope to bring a new approach to the game, and perhaps work their traits to their advantage.

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They ultimately have won the AMAZING RACE 13 title and the one million dollar prize over Ken and Tina .

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Nick and Emily "Starr" Spangler



Fun Facts

Starr is currently in the dallas cowboys calendar.
Nick is Currently seen as Matt in the Fantasticks (Snapple theater in NYC)




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"You Look Like Peter Pan" – Starr

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