Nana Lohan



As crazy as the Lohan household can predictably get, Nana Lohan remains the voice of reason. Nana is the Lohan clan matriarch, mother to Dina Lohan and grandmother to Lindsay, Michael, Ali, and Cody. During her early years, Nana was a radio actress and as such she has very grounded views regarding Hollywood, fame, and success.

Nana appeared on the E! reality show Living Lohan , which chronicles Ali’s attempt to follow her sister’s footsteps, while their mom Dina also acts as her manager. While Living Lohan primarily revolved around this venture, other members of the family and friends, such as Nana, were also given some airtime. The show followed the Lohans from their Long Island residence to wherever Ali’s dreams may take them. For instance, Dina accompanied Ali to a Las Vegas studio to record her would-be solo album. Nana, meanwhile, acted as the source of wise counsel for Dina, who is perennially stressed by the crazy amount of media attention her most famous daughter gets.




2008: Living Lohan (TV series) - Herself

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