Monica Padilla



Monica Padilla is one of the twenty castaways of Survivor: Samoa. The 25-year-old lives in San Diego, California, and recently graduated from the Thomas Jefferson School of Law. Her intelligence is no question—she’s the first in the family to complete her degree and grab a Juris Doctor—but can shift from studious girl to party girl quickly, and is very quick to adapt. Her beauty also led her to some odd jobs: at one point, she worked as a Pocahontas performer in a theme park.

She plans to play the game by being very kind, while studying their every move in the background before she makes a battle plan. She takes pride in her power of persuasion, and plans to use that—and her beauty—to become Sole Survivor, and buy herself a designer purse.


A site called reropereviews has a profile of her application to be in a modelling competition 'Diego Dozen'recently. The profile lists her as being 60 inches tall or 5'0 - which seems far too short.

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