Mike Rowe


Date Of Birth

March 18, 1962


Mike Rowe's Biography:

Mike Rowe was born on March 18, 1962 in Baltimore, Maryland. He studied at Overlea High School and graduated from Towson University. Previously, he worked as a singer with the Baltimore Opera. He also appeared in a number of medical commercials. In addition, he was also known as the host of several television programs such as Worst Case Scenario, On-Air TV, The Most, No Relation and Evening Magazine just to name a few.

Ultimately, Mike Rowe stars on the reality show Dirty Jobs. In the show, he explores a variety of odd jobs by performing messy and intricate tasks alongside professional workers. His witty persona and stature as a celebrity becomes an interesting focus as he puts himself in the most unusual situations. Throughout the show, he makes fun of his performance, often making sarcastic jokes about his "newly found occupation" but maintains a high level of respect for people who actually does it for a living.

Place of Birth

Baltimore, Maryland

Birth Name

Michael Gregory Rowe



Fun Facts

He sang professionally with the Baltimore Opera in the early 90's. He came up with the concept of Dirty Jobs. Starting in 2007, he began appearing in commercials for the Ford Motor Company.











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