Michelle Ryan


Date Of Birth

April 22, 1984. Taurus/Tauro


English actress Michelle Ryan was born on April 22, 1984 in Enfield, a town off London. She began acting at an early age, becoming part of a local theatre group when she was just 10 years old. Through this, she was discovered and eventually given a role in the long-running British soap EastEnders, through which she became a household name.

She joined the series in 2000 as Zoe Slater, the daughter of Kat Moon (Jessie Wallace) and her uncle Harry Slater (Michael Elphick) as a result of a rape. After the turmoil caused by the discovery of her background, she ran away from home and ended up as a prostitute. She later worked as a market trader before leaving for Ibiza in 2005—her departure from the show. Throughout Ryan’s tenure in EastEnders, she appeared in several stage productions, as well as on guest roles in other British series such as The Worst Witch and Burnside.

Ryan left the show in 2005, intending to further her career in theater and films. She appeared in independent releases such as Cashback and I Want Candy, and also appeared in several sketches for the annual Comic Relief telethon. Her next regular television role was in Jekyll, a self-patterned sequel to the original Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde novella, which aired in 2007. The British series saw her play Katherine Reimer, the attractive assistant to Tom Jackman/Mr Hyde (James Nesbitt).

In 2007, Ryan went across the pond and signed up for a role in the remake of the American television series Bionic Woman. She signed on as the lead character, Jaime Sommers, a former bartender who suffered a near-fatal car accident which led to her being given bionic implants, making her the “Bionic Woman.” The series got mixed reviews, with some critics hoping to see her co-star Katee Sackhoff as the lead instead of the antagonist. Ultimately, low ratings led to its cancellation after a season already truncated by the 2007 writer’s strike. Later that year, she appeared in a Welsh independent film titled Flick, where she co-starred with Faye Dunaway and Leslie Phillips. Soon, she found herself portraying the sorceress Nimueh in the BBC drama series Merlin. In 2009, she was seen on the Doctor Who episode “Planet of the Dead.”

Place of Birth

Enfield, Middlesex. England, UK

Birth Name

Michelle Claire Ryan



Fun Facts

-Michelle has a dog Named BUDDY.

-The most that Michelle has ever spent on an outfit is a Gucci dress she bought in New York which costed ?1300.

-Michelle's favourite designers are Gucci, Prada and Miu Miu.

-Michelle's favourite actor is Robert De Niro.

-Michelle's favourite actresses are Angelina Jolie, Liv Tyler and Meryl Streep.

-Michelle was hand picked for her role in Eastenders at the age of 15.

-Michelle loves shopping.

-Michelle has green eyes.

-Mentioned in an interview that she had auditioned for the role of Vesper Lynd in CASINO ROYALE eventually given to Eva Green the previous year. (May 2007)

-Will be starring in the upcoming NBC television show the Bionic Woman. (February 2007)

-Her favorite film is THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS (1992).

-Ranked #70 in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women 2002.

-Ranked #21 in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women 2004.

-Ranked #4 in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women 2005.

-Ranked #82 in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women 2008.




1. Flick (2007) (post-production)

2. "Poirot" .... Ginevra Boynton (1 episode, 2008)
... aka Agatha Christie's Poirot (UK: complete title)
- Appointment with Death (2008) TV Episode (rumored) .... Ginevra Boynton

3. "Bionic Woman" .... Jamie Sommers (14 episodes, 2007)
- Pilot (2007) TV Episode .... Jamie Sommers
- Episode #1.1 (????) TV Episode .... Jamie Sommers
- Episode #1.10 (????) TV Episode .... Jamie Sommers
- Episode #1.11 (????) TV Episode .... Jamie Sommers
- Episode #1.12 (????) TV Episode .... Jamie Sommers
(9 more)

4. Mansfield Park (2007) (TV) .... Maria Bertram

5. Comic Relief 2007: The Big One (2007) (TV) .... Kate

6. I Want Candy (2007) .... Lila

7. Cashback (2006) .... Suzy

8. Marple: By the Pricking of My Thumbs (2006) (TV) .... Rose Waters

9. "Jekyll" (2006) TV Series .... Katherine Reimer
10. "EastEnders" .... Zoe Slater / ... (282 episodes, 2000-2005)
- Episode dated 18 February 2005 (2005) TV Episode .... Zoe Slater
- Episode dated 22 November 2004 (2004) TV Episode .... Zoe
- Episode dated 30 July 2004 (2004) TV Episode .... Zoe Slater
- Episode dated 8 June 2004 (2004) TV Episode .... Zoe
- Episode dated 18 May 2004 (2004) TV Episode .... Zoe
(277 more)

11. EastEnders: Slaters in Detention (2003) (V) .... Zoe Slater

12. Comic Relief 2003: The Big Hair Do (2003) (TV) .... Zoe Slater

13. "Burnside" .... School Friend (2 episodes, 2000-2001)
- Exposed: Part 2 (2001) TV Episode .... School Friend
- Exposed: Part 1 (2000) TV Episode .... School Friend

14. "The Worst Witch" .... Dolores (1 episode, 2000)
... aka Amandine Malabul (Canada: French title)
- Fair Is Foul & Fouls Are Fair (2000) TV Episode .... Dolores


Michelle Ryan


5' 7" - 171 cm


"We were getting five, six phone calls an hour going, 'Oh my God, you're closing?"

"I figured that the community would step up and really try to help out and they have."

"We had originally planned for needing to find space for a lot more than this."

"They gave us a bit of a scare there"

"It's very difficult to have quotas for women because you have to be careful how they're evaluated and how the public views that as well"

"If they feel they're not there on merit that can also have very bad implications. It's really about getting the balance, about being active but also retaining the appearance that everyone is qualified and doing a good job."

"They're all portal communities out in the Nordic area, so fish is a big part of their diet. Scandinavian [food] doesn't tend to have a lot of the spicy spices, the hot spices. This is quite different from those flavors and I like to show the contrast."

"I'm looking forward to getting back to EastEnders and working with everyone who has supported me throughout my time off."

"I had an idyllic view of life but you soon realise you have to stand up for yourself."

"You hope to have longevity in your career and if you sell out at an early age you're basically stuck like that."



-IGN TV: Did you watch the original Bionic Woman growing up? I'm not even sure if it aired in England.

Michelle Ryan: Well basically, I remember seeing clips of Lindsay Wagner and thinking that she looked like a very pretty, very nice lady. I was so young, that that's all I really remember!
script and try out for this role and see all of the crazy things you were going to do?

-IGN TV: What was it like for you to read the script and try out for this role and see all of the crazy things you were going to do?

Ryan: Well, I sort of saw it as a very new piece. I didn't watch the original, apart from a few clips, and I just saw this really empowered, young female character. And I thought, this is just the sort of challenge that I've been looking for.

-IGN TV: You hadn't worked much with special effects before, right?

Ryan: No.

-IGN TV: What was it like working with those elements in the pilot?

Ryan: It was amazing. We'd have the special effects guys come and put all these, like, sticky dots on my legs. And they were so great; the pair of them. They were such nice guys. And the crew were lovely. I mean, we only shot the pilot -- it could all change -- but it felt like such a kind of team spirit onboard. It was lovely.

-IGN TV: How would you describe Jamie in this version of the show?

Ryan: I would say she's feisty and smart and loyal, and also warm and vulnerable. She's a young woman who's trying to find her way in life, she's dealing with these incredible things that are being thrown at her. But yes, she's kicking ass, and yeah, she is kind of taking on the world. But she's also feeling very vulnerable, and she has a boyfriend who isn't entirely honest with her. And you know, who can't identify with that? [Laughs]

-IGN TV: Did you get to do a lot of your own fighting scenes in the pilot?

Ryan: Yeah! Pretty much everything. There were a couple of big stunts that Melissa Stubbs, who's an incredible stuntwoman, did. She did things like the hanging off the building. But apart from that, I did everything else.

-IGN TV: Your nemesis in the pilot is Katee Sackhoff, and you two have a big fight scene. How was it going one on one with her?

Ryan: Incredible. She's a brilliant fighter, and she brings so much energy to the set. I sort of would fight with the stuntwoman, and then fight with Katee. I'd always end up going, "Wow!" She's amazing, so I loved fighting with her.

-IGN TV: Have the producers told you anything about where the show is going yet?

Ryan: No. I literally don't have a clue. Like everyone else on the show, I'm really excited to sit down with David [Eick] and Jason [Smilovic] and pick their brains.

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