Melissa Smith


Date Of Birth

June 4, 1982


Melissa Ann Smith was born on June 4, 1982 in Toronto, Canada, but spent most of her formative years in Rochester Hills, Michigan. Her training started on the ice rink, as she began taking figure skating lessons when she was only three years old. She then moved on to gymnastics two years later, and eventually shifted her focus onto dancing. Smith enrolled at Deborah’s Stage Dance Floor, where she excelled mostly in jazz, tap and ballet. As a member of various dance groups, Smith got the opportunity to compete in several naional competitions, such as Showstoppers, Star Power and Showbiz. Aside from dancing, Smith is also an award-winning singer, model and aspiring actress, whose acting projects include commercials for Coca-Cola, Kia Cars, McDonald’s and Best Buy, and small roles in television shows such as Happy Family, The Young and the Restless and Prep.

In 2007, Smith became one of the nine finalists in the reality series, Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll. Despite having won two immunity challenges, Melissa often struggled during the group performances, and always found herself at the bottom two (except when she was exempted from elimination). She also sparked tension between herself and fellow finalist, Chelsea Korka , when she made some comments regarding Korka's less than stellar dancing skills. Smith made it to the Final Four, but became the sixth person to be eliminated from the show despite her strong group and solo performances. Since then, she has recorded her first solo single called “I Believed” and even landed a movie role. She appeared on the action flick Command Performance and in the dance film Honey 2. In 2010, she landed a small part in How I Met Your Mother. She has also gotten involved in a controversy with Kim Kardashian, particularly in an Old Navy advertisement.

Exclusive Interview with Melissa Smith

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Birth Name

Melissa Ann Smith



Fun Facts

- She is also credited as Melissa Molinaro.


2011: Honey 2 - Carla
2011: Balls to the Wall - Melissa
2010: How I Met Your Mother (TV series) - Noelle
2009: Brothers (TV series) - Girl #2
2009: Command Performance - Venus
2006: Balance (short) - Girl Victim
2006: Rodney (TV series) - Dance Major
2004: The Hillz - Melissa
2004: The Young and the Restless (TV series) - JT's Love Interest
2004: Happy Family (TV series) - Hostess
2003: Destiny's Child (short) - Danielle
2003: Grounded for Life (TV series) - Cheerleader
2002: High Crimes - Soldier's Girlfriend
2002: Journey of Redemption - Ashley Anderson
2002: Prep (TV movie) - Britney



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