Maya Luz



A freelance designer from Santa Fe, NM, Maya Luz earned her degree in Fashion Design from Massachusetts College of Art. She learned of her potential in high school, when she developed her own label called “Unsweetened.” Pursuing her profession, she then became an intern in London with designer Hannah Marshall.

With her deft attention to detail, Maya Luz eventually received honors from Gen Art, as a finalist in the Avant-Garde category for Styles 2009 competition. She has been described as extremely focused in her work, which means she wouldn’t easily falter under pressure.

Driven by her passion for the fashion industry, Maya Luz followed her professor’s advice and decided to take a risk. She then found herself as a contestant for Project Runway’s seventh season, set in New York. She became known as one of the 16 designers vying for the top prize and the chance to launch their careers in the fashion industry. During episode 11 of the series, she withdrew from the competition despite being praised consistently by the judges. She admitted that her feelings about being too young and inexperienced for the show. However, she was voted Fan Favorite in the end. Since her departure, she has continued making and designing womenswear, in addition to accessories.

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