Masaharu Morimoto


Date Of Birth

May 26, 1955


Masaharu Morimoto was born on May 26, 1955 in Hiroshima, Japan. It is also in Hiroshima where Morimoto was trained in making sushi and traditional Kaiseki cuisine. In 1980, he opened his very own restaurant, but five years later sold it in order to further study more Western cooking styles. His interest in Western cuisine led him to Manhattan, New York. The city opened doors for Morimoto and he was able work in several prestigious restaurants, including Nobu, an exclusive Japanese restaurant, wherein Morimoto was made head chef. Simultaneously, he was placed in the cast of the well-known culinary competition Iron Chef. Morimoto’s popularity grew and in 2001 he opened a restaurant in Philadelphia, appropriately called Morimoto.

Morimoto is now back on television, this time appearing on the American version of Iron Chef simply entitled Iron Chef America: The Series. The show sometimes gets Joe Cipriano, a radio celebrity, to dub over Morimoto as the iron chef not only speaks with a heavy accent but also sometimes speaks in Japanese when he is talking about his dishes. Morimoto is assisted by Ariki Omae, Takao Iinuma, and Troy Thompson and is the specialist for Japanese cuisine.

Place of Birth

Hiroshima, Japan

Birth Name

Masaharu Morimoto




2011: Top Chef (TV series) - Chef & Owner, Morimoto
2011: Hawaii Five-0 (TV series) - Chef Morimoto
2005-2011: Iron Chef America: The Series (TV series documentary) - Himself
2010: Hell's Kitchen (TV series) - Himself
2008: Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine (Video Game) (voice)
1994-2001: Iron Chef (TV series)

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