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Marvita Washington, a retail sales associate from San Fransisco, California, was a contestant on America's Next Top Model cycle 10.

During her time on Top Model, Marvita had solid photoshoots, and was even called out second in the Elle Macpherson lingerie photoshoot for her standout performance. On episode 10.5 "Top Model Takes It To The Streets," the photo shoot required the models to do an extreme shot by using paint as their make-up.  Marvita found herself in the bottom two for the first time, alongside Whitney , because their photos were seen unsatisfactory. In the end,  Marvita was eliminated because of her defeatist attitude as well as looking bored and disconnected in her photo. The judges also felt that Whitney was more driven than her. Marvita was the fourth model eliminated from Cycle 10.

In her interview with BuddyTV after her elimination, Marvita explained she just had one bad photo shoot on one bad day but she definitely did not felt defeated at all, unlike what the judges were trying to point out.  She defended herself but that part was edited out, leading the viewers into believing that she really checked out of the competition.  Marvita stressed that she didn’t checked out and also believed she was doing well in the show.  “I think that had I had another chance I would have been fine, because all my other photo shoots I tried really hard on.”

Still, Marvita had good things to say about being on ANTM, “I made a lot of new friends, and I learned a lot more about myself and how to get along with girls.”  But one of the girls she didn’t get along well was Fatima.  She said that Fatima was the kind of person that she simply can’t get through even after all the attempts she made just to be closer to her.

Marvita’s favorite photo is her lingerie shoot with Elle Macpherson.

Marvita said she wanted to do everything in the future.  She has since appeared in Ebony Magazine and walked in BET’s Rip the Runway 2009.

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