Mark Boone Jr.


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Mark Boone Jr.


Born on March 17, 1955 in Cincinnati, Ohio, Mark Boone Jr. is an American actor known for playing crooked cops and other authority figures. He began his acting career alongside his good friend, director Steve Buscemi. The two of them did stand-up comedy together, in front of audiences in New York and New Jersey.

Mark Boone Jr. has quickly risen to fame since his early appearances on several 1980 movies. Some of his earlier credits include roles in films like Variety, The Way It Is, Slaves of New York and Last Exit to Brooklyn. In 1990, he appeared as Shockley in Die Hard 2, starring Bruce Willis. Boone’s next parts were small ones, playing a garage manager in Law & Order and as a repairman on The Wonder Years. He was later seen on Seinfeld, and Bakersfield P.D. and on Buscemi’s Trees Lounge in 1996. Mark Boone Jr. gained more prominence for his performances in 2 Fast 2 Furious, Get Carter, The General’s Daughter, Se7en and The Thin Red Line. He became prominent in more action thriller blockbusters during the 2000s, getting a role in Christopher Nolan’s Memento, 2004’s Full Clip, and Nolan’s Batman Begins in 2005. In 2007, he portrayed the character Beau Brower in 30 Days of Night, starring Josh Hartnett, Melissa George and Danny Huston. The next year, he joined the cast of the FX series Sons of Anarchy, portraying the character Bobby.

Place of Birth

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Birth Name

Mark Heidrich



Fun Facts



2003: D.I.F.F. Jury Award - Feature Film: Best Supporting Actor for Greasewood Flat


2012 Missing Pieces
2012 City of Jerks
2011 Fully Loaded
2010 Look at Me
2010 The Fencestitute
2008-2010 Sons of Anarchy
2010 The North Pole Deception
2010 Pete Smalls Is Dead
2010 Happiness Runs
2010 Five Star Day
2010 Swifty & Veg (short)
2010 The Black Belle
2010 Everything Will Happen Before You Die
2009 The Donner Party
2009 Halloween II
2009 Sons of Anarchy Season 1: The Bikes (video short)
2009 Sons of Anarchy Season 1: Casting 'Sons of Anarchy' (video short)
2009 Sons of Anarchy Season 1: The Ink (video short)
2009 The Mother of Invention
2009 Spooner
2008 California Indian
2008 Management
2008 In Plain Sight (TV series)
2008/IV Blackout
2008 A Perfect Place (short)
2008 Frozen River
2008 Vice
2007 30 Days of Night
2007 If I Had Known I Was a Genius
2006 One Night with You
2006 Unknown
2006 Full Clip
2006 Wristcutters: A Love Story
2006 The Legend of Lucy Keyes
2005 Batman Begins (Video Game)
2005 Batman Begins
2005 The Nickel Children
2005 Carniv?le (TV series)
2005 Lonesome Jim
2005 Venice Underground
2004 Frankenfish (TV movie)
2004 Dead Birds
2004 Jam (short)
2004 The Grey
2004 Sawtooth
2003/I Beautiful (short)
2003 Wild Turkey (short)
2003 Greasewood Flat
2003 2 Fast 2 Furious
2003/I Shade
2002 The Real Deal
2002 Long Time No See (short)
2001 Curb Your Enthusiasm (TV series)
2001 The Beatnicks
2001 Proximity
2001 Ordinary Madness
2000 The Gold Cup
2000 Get Carter
2000 Memento
2000 Spanish Judges
2000 Animal Factory
2000 Everything Put Together
1999 ATF (TV movie)
1999 Buddy Boy
1999 The General's Daughter
1999 The Wetonkawa Flash
1999 Smut
1998 The Thin Red Line
1998 I Still Know What You Did Last Summer
1998 October 22
1998 The Treat
1998/I Armageddon
1998 Vampires
1998 Montana
1998 I Woke Up Early the Day I Died
1997 Hugo Pool
1997 Cold Around the Heart
1997 The Game
1997 Rosewood
1997 Hack
1996 The Beatnicks (short)
1996 Trees Lounge
1996 The Adventures of Pete & Pete (TV series)
1995 Se7en
1995 Last of the Dogmen
1995 Naomi & Wynonna: Love Can Build a Bridge (TV movie)
1995 The Quick and the Dead
1994 The Paint Job
1994 Hoggs' Heaven (TV short)
1993 Geronimo: An American Legend
1993 Bakersfield P.D. (TV series)
1993 Daybreak (TV movie)
1992 Of Mice and Men
1992 Sketch Artist (TV movie)
1992 Seinfeld (TV series)
1992 What Happened to Pete (short)
1991 The Wonder Years (TV series)
1991 In the Heat of the Night (TV series)
1991 Delirious
1991 Fever (TV movie)
1990 Quantum Leap (TV series)
1990 Law & Order (TV series)
1990 Die Hard 2
1990 Force of Circumstance
1990 In the Spirit
1989 Last Exit to Brooklyn
1989 Cookie
1989 Borders (TV documentary)
1989 Slaves of New York
1986-1989 The Equalizer (TV series)
1989 New York Stories
1989 Prisoners of Inertia
1988 Landlord Blues
1985 The Way It Is
1983 Variety




5' 8" (1.73 m)



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