Luke Wilson


Date Of Birth

September 21, 1971


Born on September 21, 1971 in Dallas, Texas, Luke Cunningham Wilson is an American film actor. He studied at St. Mark’s School of Texas and Occidental College. He was then more interested in the athletics department than in drama or theater, and even excelled in track and field.

Luke Wilson’s film career began when he starred in Bottle Rocket, a film that his brother, Owen Wilson, wrote and starred in. It became a feature length film in 1996 and was directed by Wes Anderson. In 1997, he was cast in Bongwater, as well as being given a role opposite Calista Flockhart in Telling Lies in America. He also made a cameo appearance in Scream 2, as well as appearing alongside Drew Barrymore in Best Men. He also had a small role in the series The X Files, before being cast in other films like Dog Park and Home Fries in 1998. He was becoming more popular when he starred in Rushmore and Blue Streak.

Wilson had a supporting role in the blockbuster Charlie’s Angels in 2001, and starred alongside Reese Witherspoon in the comedy Legally Blonde. He became a major Hollywood actor with roles in box office hits such as Old School and The Royal Tenenbaums. He was also cast opposite Kate Hudson in Alex & Emma, before reprising his role in Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde. He was then given the role of Orville Wright in Around the World in 80 Days, while being cast as Casey Kelso in the sitcom That ‘70s Show from 2002 to 2005. Luke Wilson was also in Idiocracy, My Super Ex-Girlfriend with Uma Thurman, and Blades of Glory. In 2007, he starred opposite Kate Beckinsale in the thriller Vacancy. He was also given the lead role in 2008’s Henry Poole is Here. He then appeared in Middle Men and the 2010 remake of Death at a Funeral. He later returned to television and booked a role on HBO’s Enlightened.

Place of Birth

Dallas, Texas

Birth Name

Luke Cunningham Wilson




2011: Meeting Evil - John
2010: Enlightened (TV series) - Levi Callow
2010: Death at a Funeral - Derek
2009: Middle Men - Jack Harris
2009: Tenure - Charlie Thurber
2008: Henry Poole Is Here - Henry Poole
2007: Blonde Ambition - Ben
2007: Battle for Terra - Jim Stanton (voice)
2007: 3:10 to Yuma - Zeke
2007: Vacancy - David Fox
2007: Blades of Glory - Sex Class Counselor
2007: You Kill Me - Tom
2006: Idiocracy - Joe Bauers
2006: My Super Ex-Girlfriend - Matt Saunders
2006: Hoot - Delinko
2006: Mini's First Time - Det. Dwight Garson
2005: The Family Stone - Ben Stone
2002-2005: That '70s Show (TV series) - Casey Kelso
2005: The Wendell Baker Story - Wendell Baker
2004: Wake Up, Ron Burgundy: The Lost Movie (video) - Frank Vitchard
2004: Entourage (TV series) - Luke Wilson
2004: Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy - Frank Vitchard
2004: Around the World in 80 Days - Orville Wright
2003: Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde - Emmett Richmond
2003: Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle - Pete
2003: Alex & Emma - Alex Sheldon/Adam Shipley
2003: Old School - Mitch Martin
2003: Masked and Anonymous - Bobby Cupid
2002: The Third Wheel - Stanley
2001: The Royal Tenenbaums - Richie Tenenbaum
2001: Soul Survivors - Jude
2001: Legally Blonde - Emmett
2000: Charlie's Angels - Pete Komisky
2000: Committed - Carl
2000: My Dog Skip - Dink Jenkins
1999: Blue Streak - Carlson
1999: Kill the Man - Stanley Simon
1998: Rushmore - Dr. Peter Flynn
1998: Home Fries - Dorian Montier
1998: Dog Park - Andy
1998: The X-Files (TV series) - Sheriff Hartwell
1997: Scream 2 - 'Stab' Billy
1997: Best Men - Jesse
1997: Telling Lies in America - Henry
1997: Bongwater - David
1996: Bottle Rocket - Anthony Adams
1994: Bottle Rocket (short) - Anthony


6' (1.83 m)

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