Kyle Bornheimer


Date Of Birth

September 10, 1975


Comedic actor Kyle Bornheimer was born on September 10, 1975. He is a familiar face on television, appearing on numerous shows and commercials. In 2004, he was cast as James in the short film Spokane, written and directed by Larry Kennar. It won the Short Filmmaking Award – Honorable Mention from the Sundance Film Festival that year. Bornheimer was next seen in the comedy Devils Are Dreaming by Michael Sladek. In 2005, Kyle was seen as an intense communications officer in an ad for Imodium. “'I added the brilliant improv line 'Code Brown!' which I was quite proud of — and also not quite proud of at the same time,” he said of his bold move. The year 2005 brought him more roles, as he was seen in an episode of the award-winning series Monk, starring Tony Shalhoub. Bornheimer then landed a role in another series, playing Norman in The O.C. opposite Peter Gallagher, Adam Brody, Mischa Barton, Kelly Rowan, and Benjamin McKenzie. He was also in the romantic comedy series How I Met Your Mother, portraying the character Austin in the episode titled “Okay Awesome.” He appeared alongside series regulars like Alyson Hannigan, Neil Patrick Harris, Josh Radnor, and Jason Segel. Bornheimer next appeared on Medium, an NBC series that premiered in 2005. He continued his string of television appearances, even appearing as a jousting construction worker for a Stanley commercial.

In 2006, Kyle Bornheimer was in Will & Grace, Lovespring International, and the satirical comedy series Weeds on the Showtime network. He played Chuck on the episode “Crush Girl Love Panic” alongside Elizabeth Perkins, Mary-Louise Parker, Tonye Patano and Romany Malco. Bornheimer was also seen in The Unit and the television comedy Dash 4 Cash directed by Betty Thomas. In 2007, he portrayed a Cingular salesman on a television advertisement for Sprint. “It was written as just a bunch of no's, and then we played around with it. There are exactly 58 funny ways to say no,” he said of his role. That year, he also appeared in the comedy film Blades of Glory, starring Will Ferrell and Jon Heder. He played one of the Rink PA Nationals. This was followed by a spot on the series Breaking Bad and Jericho. Soon, he landed the leading role of Sam Briggs on the CBS primetime series Worst Week. Bornheimer plays an editor for an entertainment magazine who does anything to please his girlfriend’s parents.

Place of Birth

Mishawaka, IN

Birth Name

Kyle Bornheimer



Fun Facts





- Spokane (2004)
- An Alright Start (2005)
- Blades of Glory (2007)
- For Christ's Sake (2010)
- Dynamite Swine (2010)
- She's Out Of My League (2010)
- The Space Between (2010)
- You Again (2010)
- Government Shutdown (2011)
- God Reschedules Rapture (2011)

- Worst Week (regular, 2008-2009)
- Romantically Challenged (regular, 2010)
- Perfect Couples (regular, 2011)







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