Kerry Bishé



Born in New Jersey, American actress Kerry Bishé graduated from Northwestern University. After completing her studies, she immediately began her acting career on the off-Broadway production of My Name is Rachel Corrie. She eventually made her Broadway debut in a production of Pygmalion. Later on, she decided to branch out from theater to television, getting roles on a number of series.

In 2007, Kerri Bishe got the role of Sarah Ronsen in the low-budget film The Half Life of Mason Lake. When that didn’t bring her much success, she moved on to more appearance, no matter how small the role. She became an extra in two films, namely The Lucky Ones and 2008’s Sex and the City movie. Also that year, she was seen on The Understudy.

When she starred on the TV movie Night Life, she met actor Zach Braff who directed the project. The two were acquainted, which would eventually lead to her being cast on Scrubs with him. But before that, Bishe portrayed the character Eve Flannery on one episode of Life on Mars. Later she had a role in Royal Pains as well.

The year 2009 brought even more projects her way, when she was cast in the pilot episode for Virtuality. Her character was that of Billie Kashmiri, a computer scientist who doubled as a reality show host. The series wasn’t fully picked up, but the FOX network decided to air the two-hour premiere as a TV movie.

In May of that year, Bishe was chosen to play the lead character Lucy Bennett in the revamped version of Scrubs, its ninth season. She took over narrating from Braff’s character J.D., leading the pack of Bill Lawrence’s series. Joining her in the new cast are Dave Franco and Michael Mosley, with the show aptly being titled Scrubs [Med School]. When the series ended, she moved on to roles in films like Meskada, Newlyweds, Red State and the TV movie Iceland.




2011: Iceland (TV movie) - Mackenzie
2011: Turkey Bowl - Kerry
2011: Red State - Cheyenne
2011: Newlyweds - Linda
2010: Nice Guy Johnny - Brooke
2010: Meskada - Emily Cordin
2009-2010: Scrubs (TV series) - Lucy Bennett
2009: Virtuality (TV movie) - Billie Kashmiri
2009: Royal Pains (TV series) - Emma Newberg
2009: Life on Mars (TV series) - Eve Flannery
2009: Motherhood - Good Sharing Mom
2008: Night Life (TV movie) - Violet
2008: The Understudy - April
2008: Sex and the City - Twenty-Something Girl Dreaming
2008: The Lucky Ones - College Girl
2007: The Half Life of Mason Lake - Sarah Rosen



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