Judd Daughtery



Judd Daughtery is one of the cast members of Big Brother Season 15. He comes from Englewood, Tennessee and currently works as a Property Appraiser. He loves frog hunting, camping and cookouts, and describes himself as funny and predictable. He wants to outplay Will and Dan’s games, and believes that aligning himself with an older loyal person is the best way to play the game. In week 4, he became the HoH and nominated Kaitlin and Aaryn. During the first double eviction of season 15, he was blindsided when Aaryn, who won HoH and PoV, saved Jessie from the block and nominated him instead. He was then evicted with 7-0-0 votes. In week 9, he was given the chance to get back in the game after competing in the HoH/Jury competition. In week 11, he was evicted with 2-0 votes.



Fun Facts

-He suffers from anxiety attacks.
-He's afraid of height and spiders.
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Big Brother, Season 15

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