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Joshuah prided himself in entertaining the house with his various antics.  In a strong alliance with partner Sharon throughout the game, but he got on too many peoples' nerves and was evicted on Day 56.  He was usually a well-mannered and agreeable fellow but was prone ot massive blow-ups that drew the ire of his house mates. 

Born on June 3, 1982 and hailing from Dallas, Texas, Joshuah Welch came out about his being gay when he was 18 years old.  He earned his bachelor's degree in advertising with a business minor at the University of Texas.  He currently works as an Advertising Media Buyer.  He admits that he is a gay man who played straight growing up, as he played football and had long term relationships with women.  However, things changed when he slept with his sister's cheerleading coach and thus ruined his sister's cheering career.  Since then, Joshuah's family never forgave him for what he has done.  He considers himself to be quite an exhibitionist and bisexual, and does not care what other people think of him.

Joshuah enjoys watching college football, and previously played from the 4th to the 12th grades in school.  He has a huge fear of snakes and believes they are Satan's spawn.

Joshuah is one of 16 housemates on CBS' Big Brother 9.

On Day 56, a vote of 3-1 made Joshuah the fifth individual houseguest eliminated from the hit reality TV series.  It was Natalie Cunial, the fourth Head of Household, who placed him on the chopping block.  Joshuah trusted Natalie because she promised him that she would not vote him out.  But Natalie changed her mind and even convinced housemates Sheila , Ryan and Adam to pretend they were going to keep Joshuah and then vote him out on the live eviction episode.  All three agreed to the plan and that's what happened.

Before leaving the house, Joushua said this: “If you can learn anything from me, it's to be true to yourself.  I'm proud being Joshuah Michael Welch.  I'm proud of whom I've become and I stand for what I believe in.  If all of you would stand-up for what you believe in, you'll go way far in this game and in life.”

Joshua became the third member of Big Brother 9's jury.

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Birth Name

Joshuah Michael Welch



Fun Facts

- He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin.


2008: Big Brother (TV series) - Himself

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