Jonathan Peters



Jonathan Peters hails from Woonsocket, RI. Though technically unemployed, he describes himself as an “independent freelance womenswear designer. He had always wanted to achieve that dream since he was 10 years old, constantly working towards that goal.

In the past, Jonathan Peters has held jobs involving retail management, was once a makeup artist and continued doing freelance design. He studied apparel design at University of Rhode Island and learned even more from his mother and on his own. He believes that his original point of view will make him stand out in the business, as well as his ambitious and funny personality.

Though witty and messy, Peters is one driven designer who will do what it takes to establish himself in the fashion industry. He auditioned several times before he became a contestant for Project Runway’s seventh season, set in New York. He became one of the 16 designers vying for the top prize and the chance to launch their careers in the fashion industry. Despite winning a challenge during the competition, he was booted off during episode 11 of the show. His red-carpet look for host Heidi Klum didn’t impress the judges.

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