Jodi Lyn O'Keefe


Date Of Birth

October 10, 1978


Jodi Lyn O’Keefe is a model and actress who was born on October 10, 1978 in Cliffwood Beach, New Jersey. She was raised in a family of mixed Austrian, Czech, Polish, Irish, and Swedish descent, and is the youngest of three sisters.

O’Keefe describes herself as being a dork when she was younger, especially with her bowl haircut back then. In the middle of her junior year in high school, she left to star in Another World. The soap opera cast her as Marguerite “Maggie” Cory before she landed the role of Cassidy Bridges, the teenage daughter of the titular protagonist in Nash Bridges played by Don Johnson. Because she became a success in Hollywood, she and her mother decided to move and have her studies completed by mail.

O’Keefe’s big screen debut came in 1998’s Halloween H20: 20 Years Later. Despite the bad critical reception, the actress later found roles in more movies. She was in The Crow: Salvation, Whatever It Takes and Devil in the Flesh 2. However, it was her portrayal of the conceited but popular high school girl in She’s All That which catapulted her to the spotlight.

O’Keefe also appeared as one of the members of the cast in the Fox network’s Emmy Award-nominated series Prison Break. She played a vampire in Out For Blood and Venice Underground, and graced shows like Boston Legal, Charmed, Two and a Half Men, Criminal Minds and CSI: NY.

Place of Birth

Cliffwood Beach, New Jersey, USA

Birth Name

Jodi Lyn O'Keefe



Fun Facts

-She likes to paint Tea Cups and give them away as gifts.

-She has Irish, Czech, Austrian, Polish and Swedish ancestry.

-She is featured, along with Desperate Housewives star, Jesse Metcalfe, in the 3 Doors Down music video for "Let Me Go."


In 2000, Jodi Lyn O'Keefe she won a Young Hollywood Award for Best Bad Girl for She's All That.


1999 - Happy Hour as Herself
1995 - Another World as Maggie Cory
1996 - Nash Bridges as Cassidy Bridges
2002 - Dharma & Greg as Simone
2002 - George Lopez as Campbell
2003 - The Pool at Maddy Breaker's as Maddy
2004 - Tru Calling as Candace Aimes
2004 - The Help as Becky Wiggins
2004 - Charmed as Spider Demon
2004 - Boston Legal as Nora Jacobs
2004 - Two and a Half Men as Gail / Isabella
2005 - Eve as Rita's stepmother
2006 - The 12th Man as Lindsay
2006 - The Evidence as Officer Jackie Kazaris
2006 - Criminal Minds as Agt. Amanda Gilroy
2010 - The Call as Jenna 'Kinky' Kincaid
2007 - CSI: NY as Melodee Constanza
2007 - Raines as Angelina Billings
2007 - Prison Break as Gretchen Morgan
2009 - The Big Bang Theory as Mikayla
2010 - Lost as Ava
2010 - Soul Fire Rising as Lilith Reborn

1998 - Halloween H20: 20 Years Later as Sarah Wainthrope
1999 - She's All That as Taylor Vaughan
2000 - The Crow: Salvation as Lauren Randall
2000 - Whatever It Takes as Ashley Grant
2000 - Devil in the Flesh 2 as Debbie Strong aka Teacher's Pet
2002 - Falling in Love in Pongo Ponga as Shawnee
2003 - Red Rover as Kylie Logan
2004 - Out for Blood as Layla Simmons
2004 - Mummy an' the Armadillo as Jackie
2005 - Venice Underground as Tyler
2005 - Three Wise Guys as Mary Ann Davidson
2007 - American Identity as Lyndsey Simpson
2009 - Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3: Uprising as Kelly Weaver
2009 - Prison Break: The Final Break as Gretchen Morgan
2010 - Hallmark Original Movie Class as Kylie Burch




5' 10" (1.78 m)


"Thanks to Nash Bridges and my days on The Evidence. For some reason, everyone keeps giving me a gun!"

"The craziest thing for me is just showing a little bit of skin. I did a Maxim cover once and let's just say it wasn't my father's favorite picture. My mother asked me if I was trying to kill him. I wasn't naked but... you know, I'm the "baby" of the family."

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