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From Los Angeles comes 35-year-old Jill Davie, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and the University of California at Santa Cruz. Upon graduation, she was recognized by Julia Child with the Food & Wine Baby Chef award. She immediately pursued a culinary career by joining Hans Röckenwagner. Three years later, she moved to Chicago to stage at Tru and Charlie Trotter's. In 2001, together with her team, she opened Josie Restaurant, which was later featured in the Los Angeles Magazine as one of the best restaurants in Los Angeles. Aside from being hired by Sunkist to become the "Sunkist Lemon Lady," Davie has also appeared on Food Network programs, Date Plate and Party Starters. She is known for her fresh California cuisine, and her signature ingredient is lemon. Inspired by Julia Child, Michel Richard, Alice Waters, and Nadia Santini, Davie emerged victorious on the Food Network's Hot Chefs: South Beach competition, ultimately taking home the prize of $10,000.

Jill Davie again faced seven other talented chefs in Food Network's The Next Iron Chef. She was eliminated on the second week, but continued to work in the culinary industry.

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