Jessica and John



John Erck is an Entrepreneur/Computer programmer, he runs a web development and design company called Above Market.

Jessica Hoel is an Account Manager for Cargill’s health and nutrition business.

Jessica and John are dating.

They were the the third team to get eliminated on season 22 of The Amazing Race.

Jennifer and John will return for The Amazing Race, Season 24 (All-Stars).

Birth Name

John Erck
Jessica Hoel


Jessica is a Female. John is a Male.

Fun Facts

John Erck and Jessica Hoel joined the The Amazing Race while dating. John is 27 and Jessica is 26. They were one of 11 teams in season 22

While John loves to code, drink coffee, and surf Jessica loves running, surfing and traveling.

John's biggest accomplishment was quitting his well paid corporate job to pursue a life of entrepreneurship.

One of Jessica biggest accomplishments is finishing the Boston Marathon not once but twice!

Jessica and John are looking forward to an incredible adventure and spending time together while running in the Amazing Race.


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