Jerry and Estella



Married couple Jerry and Estella are one of eleven pairs competing in the second batch of The Biggest Loser: Couples.
Gerald Hayes, 63, is a retired engineer based in Wheaton, IL. He spent his younger years as a dedicated and hardworking worker, being an engineer for 35 years, not to mention a second career in finance, as well as looking after his family. As the years passed by, however, he started to drop his old exercise routines. That, along with his frequent night snacking and eating out, contributed to his weight gain. He is very sensitive when it comes to his appearance, and hopes to lose weight to be able to feel better about himself—and for him to be able to catch up with his grandchildren.
His wife Estella Hayes, 63, is a retired nurse. Known to be a very loving and spiritual person, she can be very determined and strong-willed, especially in matters she is passionate about, or in times of crisis. But that wasn’t the case with her weight: she finds comfort in cooking snacks and baked goods for her family and grandchildren. Another reason for her to lose weight: her youngest sister passed away last year due to obesity-related complications, spurring her to act quickly when it comes to losing weight.
Jerry and Estella form the White Team, training under Jillian Michaels. They both see The Biggest Loser: Couples as an opportunity to make changes together—a trend that began 41 years ago, when they met in high school. They have since gone on to lose weight twice, and are looking forward to a third time of proving that their age is not a hindrance when it comes to being healthy.

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