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When she joined Big Brother, Jennifer "Nakomis" Dedmon worked as a restaurant host from San Antonio, Texas. She enjoys taking hikes, tending to her garden and going camping. Her other pastimes include drawing, painting and listening to muzak. She likes to eat a variety of foods, from the traditional junk food (such as Salsa Verde Doritos and nachos) to healthier snack options (like Wheat thins and avocados). Nakomis enjoys playing soccer, but does not have a specific sports team for which she roots. Among her favorite television shows are , , Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends and Cowboy Bebop.

As a contestant on the fifth installment of the Big Brother reality series, Nakomis received some unexpected news during the second week. She and housemate Michael Ellis were actually half-siblings, and neither of them knew about each other prior to the show. Nakomis did fairly well in the competition, becoming Head of Household three times before she was evicted on Week 10. Nakomis ultimately placed 4th in the competition.

Although Nakomis proved to be a strong competitor on her previous run, she failed to make it far when she joined the seventh season of the show, Big Brother: All-Stars. She and former season 5 housemate, , were nominated for eviction on Week 2. Nakomis finished in 13th place, and spent only 18 days in the house.

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Jennifer 'Nakomis' Dedmon

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