Imani Hakim


Date Of Birth

12 August, 1993


Imani Hakim was previously part of theater shows such as Cinderella, The Hobbit, and Who Stole the Baby Jesus. At an early age, this promising gal showed a lot talent as she enjoys martial arts, writing, listening to music and learning about African culture. Her acting classes during her younger days definitely paid of as she lands the spot as Tonya, Chris Rock's youngest and only sister, on the hit show Everybody Hates Chris.

Tonya Rock can definitely be a pain in the neck. Don't be fooled by her cute and innocent façade, she can be irritating especially with Chris. Tantrums and outburst must be part of her everyday routine which makes the plot intriguing and interesting.

Place of Birth

Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Birth Name

Imani Hakim



Fun Facts





2005-present: "Everybody Hates Chris" - Tanya Rock
2008: "The Replacements" - Tiffany (2 episodes)
2007: Reign Over Me - Jocelyn Johnson
2006: "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" - Darcy (1 episode)







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