The President and CEO of Hill Hospitality Group, Hardy is the one almost everyone knows in Miami. It’s not just for his position (though it’s a plus), but it’s because he’s hosted parties week after week in the city’s best clubs, restaurants and hotels.

With his job, Hardy is at the forefront of the town’s nightlife. He works as much as he parties, and tries hard to strike the balance between the two. Known to be “opinionated and strong-willed,” he will stop at nothing to get what he wants. He faces pressure from every side of his life – from his career to the social scene where he’s always present. Hardy just can’t wait to slow down once in a while, but he’s still looking for that one person, the right woman, he can just sit back and relax with.

As one of the stars in Miami Social, Hardy joins Sorah, Michael, Katrina, Maria, George and Ariel in this reality docu-series set in the country’s liveliest city. The show follows this group of young professionals as they face their corporate duties by day and party all the way at night. There’s a lot going on in Miami, which is an international cultural melting pot of people all ready to face the South Beach sun and fun. These wealthy hopefuls are all searching for something better, and there’s no other place to find it than Miami.

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