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Hansel Munoz is featured as a contestant in the MTV network’s competitive reality television series Making Menudo. He is 18 years old and hails from the beaches of Miami in the sunny state of Florida. Being one of the older competitors living together in the penthouse with the others, he is shown as having less patience with the younger finalists and highly driven to succeed. One of his prime traits is his straightforward, almost unforgiving honesty in criticizing his fellows. Hansel has also found himself at odds with Pena, as they disagree over the best methods of getting ready for a performance.

In order to advance further throughout the competition, Hansel will need to learn how to work well and cooperate with others, in spite of having radically divergent views. By doing so, he’ll be able to win back the respect of his peers as well as the judges, and possibly get a better shot at being in the final five for Menudo, proving once and for all the he both truly desires and deserves to be a winner.

(Photos courtesy of MTV)

Place of Birth

Cienfuegos, Cuba

Birth Name

Hansel Alberto Munoz Diaz



Fun Facts

Green Apples
Talking on Phone.


High School Awards (Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Talent Show Awards)

Premios Estrella 2007

Cancer Awareness [ Hialeah, Fl 2008 ]

Premiacion a Participantes de feria De Los Municipios [ Miami, Fl ]









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