Glenn Pakulak



This guy’s guy is a punter for the Oakland Raiders. Glenn Pakulak is originally from Lapeer, Michigan, but has found Dallas to be a nice spot for a distraction. He does everything with an admirable sense of passion, from his picture perfect physique to his keen fashion sense. He does modeling on the side and is working on his own line, while struggling with the recent end of a four-year relationship. When that wrapped up, he realized that he wasn’t ready to settle down yet and has since used his charm towards any lady who catches his eye. Unfortunately, he’s put up a “two date maximum” rule that might throw off some people. It might be tough for him to start playing the field again, especially since his ex-girlfriend’s back in town.

Glenn Pakulak stars on Bravo’s series Most Eligible Dallas. The show revolves around a group of friends looking for romance in the lone star state. Their lives have crossed with one another’s as they search for true love or one-night stands. Drama comes at every turn, as these socialites discover truths about themselves and those around them.

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