Elizaveta Melnitchenko



From Salzburg, Austria comes 5’9” model Elizaveta Melnitchenko. She was discovered by a modeling agent while on a family vacation in Europe, and things got started from there. She landed her first job appearing on a print ad for Macys, continuing her work by getting involved with Teen Vogue, Bumble and Bumble and GenLux.

A fan of Christy Turlington and the History Channel, Elizaveta relaxes by watching movies with her friends and going out to dinner with her supportive family. She’s still studying though, getting her degree in International Relations/Middle Eastern Studies.

But to pursue her dreams of modeling, Elizaveta auditioned to be a contestant on Project Runway’s sister show, Models of the Runway and got accepted. Both series air on the Lifetime Network, and pits the contestants against one another to win the top prize.

The 16 models were paired with a designer from the show, but Models of the Runway will feature more scenes regarding the backstage drama that occurs during the competition. Each model will share their perspective, from the tears to the laughs they all experienced while being on the series. She was the second to be eliminated on the show.

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