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Dr. Thaddeus “Rusty” Venture is the son of the great scientist, the late Jonas Venture and the original boy adventurer. Idol to millions, his attempts to live up to the family name as a super-scientist have not gone well. He has two teenage sons, Hank and Dean, who have proven so death prone that Dr. Venture keeps a ready supply of clones on hand in case of mishaps.

Dr. Venture is a self involved pill-popper and often the task of watching his children falls to Brock Sampson, his government assigned OSI bodyguard. They all live together on the Venture Compound built by Jonas Sr. to house Venture Industry's impressive research facilities. Much of the compound lays dormant due to Rusty's mounting failures and Venture Industry's financial problems. One of the neglected labs has been rented out to Dr Orpheus, a necromancer, as living quarters for him and his daughter, Triana.

While in the womb Thaddeus absorbed the fetus of his twin brother. His conjoined twin managed to survive in his abdomen for over 40 years before eventually being surgically removed by a doctor who mistook the mass for a tumor. His brother took the name Jonas Jr, the X2 and Spider-Skull Island as his birthright, but not until after a failed attempt to murder Rusty for the years of captivity.

Dr. Venture has many enemies, but none so tenacious as his arch nemesis The Monarch, a super villain he has known since college.

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